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The Netherlands is ready for the quantum decade

A strong national ecosystem
What is Quantum

The Netherlands is a vibrant international hotspot for quantum technology, with leading science, technology and talent. With Quantum Delta, we are creating a fully functional national ecosystem for excellence in quantum innovation, for highly talented professionals to bring quantum computers, quantum networks and quantum sensors to the market.

what’s going on

Dutch Quantum computing startups join hands to create IMPAQT consortium

Traditionally quantum computer development (QC) has been done with a monolithic approach – one entity manufacturing and sourcing all components. This is costly, time-consuming and risky. In order to accelerate quantum computer development, IMPAQT envisions a modular approach: Independent companies focus on different parts of the stack. In December 2020 members of the IMPAQT consortium signed an agreement to collaborate on ensuring that different building blocks of QC are interfaced well. In the future, this will allow quantum computer manufacturers to easily integrate subsystems.

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Quantum Delta NL launch event || January 28

You are invited to the online Quantum Delta NL launch event on Thursday January 28. An afternoon bursting with inspiration where you will get an overview of the entire Dutch quantum landscape and insights into the extensive QDNL programme and our (future) plans. During the breakout sessions, we encourage you to exchange ideas and spark new collaborations between entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, policy makers and business professionals.

SURF supports researchers in building the first Quantum Internet in the Netherlands

SURF, the Dutch ICT cooperative of education and research institutions, intensifies its engagement with the quantum technology community. SURF aims to support Dutch researchers in taking an early and competitive advantage of quantum technologies and facilities while these become available. They do this by supporting its development and preparing together with partners and our user community for its effective use.

Qblox wins CES 2021 Innovation Award honoree

The unrivalled power of quantum computers holds the key to overcome major challenges that society faces in areas like energy transition, health, safety & security and new materials. But in the race to stable and commercially viable quantum computers - various challenges must be overcome regarding the scalability and the correction of computational errors. This is where Qblox comes in with the next generation of qubit control hardware named the Cluster series. Qblox is part of the Dutch delegation of companies that is present during the online CES 2021.

Quantum Delta NL and quantum tech startups participate in CES2021

Quantum Delta NL is participant in the all-digital CES 2021, also known as the most influential tech event in the world, that will take place from 11 to 14 of January of 2021. This year, it's the largest Dutch delegation ever-present in the event, including 80+ different start-ups and scale-ups related to distinct areas such as Energy Power/Climate Change, category of which our company is part of, Energy Transition, Sustainability, Smart Cities.

Qblox raises €4.8Mn in funding from the European Innovation Council Horizon2020

In August 2020, Qblox decided to apply for funding from European Commission Accelerator program. A total of 4,223 startups requested over €15Bn from the EIC Accelerator. Qblox amongst the 1% successful deeptech startups (just 38 companies) which succeeded. With this funding, Qblox can take a leap towards the production and introduction of the Qblox cluster qubit control stack.

Researchers in the Netherlands win Breakthrough of the Year 2020 prize

The Physics World Breakthrough of the Year 2020 Prize goes to researchers Elham Fadaly, Alain Dijkstra and Erik Bakkers at at Eindhoven University of Technology who, together with an international team, developed an alloy with silicon that can emit light.

QDNL newsletter: 2020 highlights

In 2020, something unique happened. A national endeavour united the entire Dutch quantum ecosystem under one name: Quantum Delta NL. We’d like to look back on 2020’s highlights for the wider quantum community in the Netherlands in the first edition of our newsletter as well as invite you to Quantum Delta NL's first official event on January 28th 2021.

Kick-off the State of Quantum & VC report

During the international Q2B event Practical Quantum Computing, Quantum Delta NL has launched the start of the State of Quantum report. The State of Quantum Report 2020 is our collaborative attempt to provide a ‘finger on the pulse’ on what’s happening globally in the quantum ecosystem. By mapping out the key characteristics of the industry’s venture landscape, we hope to contribute to its growth and support a barrier free, information enabled ecosystem.

New workshop ‘General Awareness Quantum Computing’ to prepare companies for quantum age

Quantum.Amsterdam has developed a new workshop General Awareness Quantum Computing. The workshop addresses the need for companies to explore and develop quantum software and new applications. The program is an initiative of The Dutch Payments Association, the Dutch Banking Association and the three major Dutch banks ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank, and designed and organised in cooperation with QuSoft and the Amsterdam University of Applied Science.

Launch of Quant: building nano components for quantum computing

The new Center for Quantum Nanotechnology Twente (QUANT) of the University of Twente will develop components and technology. It combines the knowledge on superconductivity, photonics and chip design.

CES Unveiled conference: Tech Solutions for Global Challenges || October 15

On October 15, the digital-only CES Unveiled Conference: Tech Solutions for Global Challenges will take place. The programme will feature trends, technologies and discussions that will pull our global community through times of crisis. Now more than ever, it is critical for entrepreneurs, innovators and international governments to join forces to help resolve our greatest challenges.

Milestone for Quantum Delta NL: establishment of QDNL Foundation

Quantum technology is an important key technology offering great opportunities for the Netherlands in the coming years. To accelerate the leading role of the Netherlands in quantum technology, a new institution was established: Quantum Delta Nederland Foundation. By expanding the current ecosystem of companies, knowledge and governmental institutions, QDNL will continue to build a strong 'Quantum Delta'.

QDNL is hiring a Community Manager

Quantum Delta is on a mission to create a national ecosystem for excellence in quantum innovation, supporting highly talented professionals in bringing quantum computers, quantum networks and quantum sensors to the market. Are you looking for a new challenge and do you master the toolset to reach and engage with a variety of stakeholders, including new talent, investors, and partners?

Join the Quantum Industry Day in Zurich

On 2 October 2020 an international network of academic and industrial R&D focused on quantum based technologies, will gather in Switzerland for the Quantum Industry Day. The event aims to foster exchange and accelerate the development of new quantum products.
Quantum DeltaQuantum Delta

Quantum Inspire launched!

On April 20, Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven and European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel launched Europe’s first public quantum computing platform: ‘Quantum Inspire’. The platform was developed by Delft-based QuTech, a collaboration between TU Delft and TNO. Quantum Inspire makes the quantum computer accessible to everyone and is the first in the world to use a quantum processor made of scalable ‘spin qubits’.

The Netherlands invests €23.5 million in quantum technologies

State Secretary Mona Keijzer announced that she will invest €23,5 million in quantum technologies over the next five years. This initial investment will be used to fund the high priority actions identified in September 2019 by the National Agenda on Quantum Technology.

Igniting the quantum revolution

The Netherlands has the vision, technology, talent and partnerships to move to the forefront of this complex field, becoming a dynamic Quantum Delta. Successful development and innovative application of quantum technology require us to overcome major scientific and technological challenges and integrate diverse technologies and disciplines, adopting a targeted strategy and approach backed by all parties in the ecosystem. By working together, we can simultaneously lift technology readiness levels across the board.

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Let’s introduce
Our hubs

“The Netherlands has taken a leading role through courageous management and scientific excellence”

— Freeke Heijman
Director of Quantum Delft

Quantum Delta consists of five major quantum hubs and several universities and research centres, which are all connected. The hubs are collaborating on innovation by bringing together top-quality scientists, engineers, students and entrepreneurs, working together on the frontier of quantum technology.

First European Quantum Computer

In the context of the CAT 1 programme, the first demonstrator has been launched: Quantum Inspire. This platform offers access to two promising qubit types from Delft and an emulator for SURFsara, the supercomputer in Amsterdam. Quantum Inspire provides simultaneous access to multiple high-potential qubit platforms. Combining solid hardware with software development is also unique: you can test applications on a real system. And, unlike commercial platforms, Quantum Inspire is no black box; this open platform allows users to create their own value.

Small country, big ambition

If you are looking for the best spot to launch or grow your quantum business, rest assured: the Netherlands offers an excellent ecosystem where your company can flourish. For years, the Netherlands has been the largest receiver of European funding in the field of quantum technology, and now the Dutch national government is providing a solid foundation for structural support in the decades to come, by launching Quantum Delta. Together, we can ignite the quantum revolution.