Launch of EuRyQa project: a new European Infrastructure for Rydberg Quantum Computing

The European Commission’s Quantum Technology Flagship has just launched the ‘European infrastructure for Rydberg Quantum Computing’ (EuRyQa) project.

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Q*Bird announces: Untappable internet for Port of Rotterdam offered by quantum technology

Q*Bird announces that Port of Rotterdam stakeholders will be able to participate and benefit from an untappable, multi-user quantum network for their critical communication systems. The start-up, a QuTech’s spin-off that will provide fundamental building blocks for the quantum communication infrastructure in the Netherlands and Europe, is the first to deploy a new type secure quantum network that can connect multiple users via a center hub in a cost-effective and scalable manner.

Below is press release by Q*Bird (link).

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QuTech announces full control of a six-qubit quantum processor in silicon

Researchers of QDNL’s community member QuTech have engineered a record number of six, silicon-based, spin qubits in a fully interoperable array. These advances will contribute to a scalable quantum computer based on silicon. The results are published in Nature today. This is a press release by QuTech.

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House of Quantum and TNO sign collaboration agreement for shared quantum test facility

During the annual event for the entire Quantum Delta NL community, which took place in Rotterdam this month, House of Quantum (HoQ) and TNO signed a collaboration agreement for the development of a shared Quantum Technology (QT) test facility. This facility will be realized at the House of Quantum ‘Elektronicaweg’, in Delft.

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QuiX Quantum wins €14 m contract with the German Aerospace Center to deliver Universal Quantum Computer

On Monday September 26th, QDNL community member QuiX Quantum announced to have won a €14 million contract to deliver a prototype Photonic Quantum Computer for the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). This is the press release that was published on the website of QuiX Quantum (link). 

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Event on 22 April: Unraveling Quantum Technology: What now?

On 22 April 2021, Quantum Delta NL and ECP co-organise: “Unraveling Quantum Technology: What now?”​ An expert panel will discuss questions such as: What is the potential of quantum technology?​ ​What specific applications does it have? ​What about the ethical and legal aspects, and its effects on society?

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Scientists in Delft show semiconductor qubits scale in 2 dimensions

A scientific breakthrough. Scientists from the group of Menno Veldhorst at QuTech in Delft show semiconductor qubits scale in 2 dimensions! The results have been published in Nature.

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