Quantum Delta NL lanceert microfonds van 2.000.000 euro voor quantum startups

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“We hope that within a few years, our processor will become the standard in the field”

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QuantWare launches the world’s first commercially available superconducting quantum processors

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QphoX raises €2m to turbo-charge quantum computing with breakthrough Quantum Modem

Quantum technology startup QphoX has raised €2 million to bring its Quantum Modem to market in a move that will have a big impact on what can be achieved with this super-fast computing technology.

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QphoX invents the Quantum Modem as the future gateway to the quantum internet

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Quantum Delta NL launches LightSpeed to tap into 13.6 billion investment potential

LightSpeed can connect Dutch quantum startups with 13.6 billion in investment capital, managed by European and U.S. funds.

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Quantum Delta NL lanceert LightSpeed om 13,6 miljard investeringspotentieel aan te boren

Quantum Delta NL lanceert LightSpeed, een programma dat Nederlandse quantum startups in contact kan brengen met 13,6 miljard euro aan investeringskapitaal, ondergebracht bij Europese en Amerikaanse fondsen. Ze worden daarbij begeleid door Quantum Delta NL’s Investor in Residence Ton van ’t Noordende (founder PHX en voormalig deep tech investor 01Ventures).  

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