Twente’s QuiX and PHIX start project to overcome photonic processor packaging challenges

Dutch companies QuiX and PHIX started a collaboration in the project Qmode to overcome the packaging challenges of connecting large-scale quantum photonic processors to the outside world.

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European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) kicks off

The European Quantum Industry Consortium’s mission is to advocate, promote, and foster the common interests of the European Quantum Industry towards all Quantum Technologies stakeholders.

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Qu&Co and LG Electronics announce multi-year research collaboration to develop and test quantum algorithms for multiphysics simulations

Qu&Co, a leading quantum computational software developer from the Netherlands, and LG Electronics (LG) are launching a three-year research collaboration to develop and test quantum algorithms for multiphysics simulations to solve some of LG’s most complex corporate research challenges.

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Quantum Delta NL Awarded 615 Million Euro from Netherlands’ National Growth Fund to Accelerate Quantum Technology

Quantum Delta NL, the public-private foundation, which launched in 2020 with the mandate to coordinate and execute the Netherland’s National Agenda for Quantum Technology (NAQT), today announced that it has been awarded €615 million from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy to power the advancement of quantum technology.

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Quantum Delta NL-programma krijgt 615 miljoen euro uit Nationaal Groeifonds

Het Quantum Delta NL Programma krijgt 615 miljoen euro het Nationaal Groeifonds om Nederland te positioneren als een internationaal toonaangevend centrum en knooppunt voor quantumtechnologie: de Quantum Delta NL.

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Twente-based Quix makes its first sale

QuiX, the Dutch quantum photonics company, announced today that it has sold its first quantum photonic processor. The customer is Qontrol, a quantum technologies company from the UK. 

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Event on 22 April: Unraveling Quantum Technology: What now?

On 22 April 2021, Quantum Delta NL and ECP co-organise: “Unraveling Quantum Technology: What now?”​ An expert panel will discuss questions such as: What is the potential of quantum technology?​ ​What specific applications does it have? ​What about the ethical and legal aspects, and its effects on society?

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Scientists in Delft show semiconductor qubits scale in 2 dimensions

A scientific breakthrough. Scientists from the group of Menno Veldhorst at QuTech in Delft show semiconductor qubits scale in 2 dimensions! The results have been published in Nature.

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Qu&Co releases QUBEC, the first quantum computational platform specifically designed for chemistry and materials science

QUBEC was co-designed by quantum chemists and material scientists. It comprises chemistry-specific algorithms and process automation and is integrated with Schrödinger’s Maestro chemical modelling interface.

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A new EU-wide effort on creating scalable quantum processor: The QLSI project

The EU has launched a new large-scale project aimed at designing processors that can be used in quantum computers. The project called QLSI (Quantum Large-Scale Integration with Silicon) brings together 19 highly specialized groups in Europe to help position Europe at the top-level of international quantum computing developments.

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