Eternal Matter Waves: Amsterdam physicists build an atom laser that can stay on forever

In research that was published in Nature this week, a team of Amsterdam physicists shows that they can make matter waves last.

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Dutch researchers teleport quantum information across rudimentary quantum network

Our ecosystem partner QuTech announced a big breakthrough: researchers in Delft have succeeded in teleporting quantum information across a rudimentary network. Their findings are published in the scientific journal Nature.

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Intel and QuTech deliver first industrially manufactured qubit

Quantum Delta NL ecosystem partner QuTech, along with Intel, recently announced the delivery of the first industrially manufactured qubit.

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First call for daring scientific quantum research is live

The total research budget for this first round is almost 4 million euros, and scientists from all over the country can submit applications for projects up to a maximum of 350,000 euros

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Jordi Tura i Brugués receives 1.5M funding

Jordi has received funding to help him develop a unifying framework to yield the first practical applications of NISQ devices.

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Quantum SME call open for applications

We announce a call to accelerate quantum technology across SMEs, in collaboration with Nano4Society and MinacNed. Applications open soon.

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Quantum Nano Call for proposals

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