Ecosystem for innovation
Quantum Delft

QuTech, the mission driven institute for quantum computing and internet, founded in 2013, is the central player in the Quantum Delft ecosystem.

Quantum Delft is a unique ecosystem that has been decades in the making: a hotspot for excellent scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs who rigorously lead the way in quantum technology.

  • The place to accelerate: Delft is unique for its engineering culture and top facilities
  • People: be inspired by a host of innovative and multidisciplinary talent
  • A front row seat to innovation: tap into the future by partnering with industry leaders, top scientific groups and creative startups

Quantum Delft is a rich community with partners that not only work on quantum tech, but also develop sensors, algorithms, electronics, and other vital elements. These partners include:


Freeke Heijman

Qblox, a Delft startup

Qblox was founded in 2018: a spinoff of QuTech’s activities in the field of electronics development. The company focuses on refinement of the ‘stack’ of electronic components needed to manipulate qubits and build a universal quantum computer. Scaling up the existing prototype quantum computers, which have just a handful of qubits, to create computers with hundreds or thousands of qubits, depends on corresponding progress being made with the control electronics. Qblox is entering a market dominated by established electronics giants, whose standard products do not meet the quantum computing community’s existing needs, and more importantly that community’s future needs. The company is a textbook example of how an expertise mix (covering fields such as quantum theory, electronics and computer science) can be created to yield bespoke output and sound product support.