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07 December 2023 -
11:30 - 15:00Twente, The Netherlanda, University of Twente - Waaier 3
ByQuantum Delta NL, MinacNed, MESA+

Quantum for Dummies

On the 7th of December from 11.30 till 15, Pepijn Pinkse (Professor of Adaptive Quantum Optics) will be giving his inaugural lecture 'Light on Quantum Technology'. Quantum technology is seen as a promising technology for the future. But what exactly is quantum, how does it work, and how do we apply it? In the run-up to Pepijn's inauguration (7 December, 16.00h), QuantumDelta NL, MinacNed, and MESA+ jointly organize a symposium, Quantum for Dummies.

Location: Waaier 3, University of Twente


Chair: Pepijn Pinkse

11.30h: Walk-in with lunch (location: Foyer Waaier building)

12.30h: Lectures

'Basics of quantum: making sense of quantum weirdness'

by Ir. Bart Folkers - UT & Bonhoeffer College

'Explanation of demonstrations & experiments: discover quantum yourself'

by Dr. Dipl.-Phys. Kirsten Stadermann - UT

13.15h: Coffee and tea break, incl. the opportunity to experiment with quantum

13.45h: Lectures

'What is a photon?'

by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Rempe (MPQ)

'Optical quantum computing'

by Dr. Jelmer Renema (UT & QuiX Quantum)

More information about the program will follow soon.

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