03 October 2023 - 04 October 2023
08:00 - 17:30Amsterdam
ByInformation Systems Technology (IST) Panel Office

Quantum Technology for Defence and Security

The NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO) Collaboration Support Office, and particularly the Information Systems Technology (IST) Panel and the Sensors and Electronics Technology (SET) Panel, are pleased to announce the IST-SET-198 Research Symposium on "Quantum Technology for Defence and Security". The Symposium will be held on 03-04 October 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in conjunction with the 52nd IST Panel Business Meeting (PBM).

Quantum technologies (QT) are developing rapidly in a number of areas including sensing, PNT (Position, Navigation and Timing), imaging, communication and networking and information processing. These are all of interest to the defence and security sector even at less mature stages of development. Because this technology has the potential of impacting a broad spectrum of NATO’s capabilities, the NATO Science and Technology Board (STB) expressed the ambition to increase knowledge on this Emerging Disruptive Technology (EDT). It is important to exchange knowledge between multiple STO Panels/Group and beyond.

Symposium objectives

The main objectives of this two-day Symposium are firstly to present state-of-the-art updates on the development and application of quantum technologies from academic and industry professionals and secondly to gain more insight into how these technologies can be applied to real NATO operational issues. By bringing together fundamental research, industry applications and military requirements, we aim to create new multi-disciplinary connections between experts from different areas to work together on problems of international importance.

Confirmed Speakers

  • General Onno Eichelsheim Chief of Defence of the Netherlands armed forces. CHOD is the highest ranking member of the Netherlands armed forces. As the CHOD, Eichelsheim is the most senior military adviser to the Minister of Defence. His primary objective for the coming period is the implementation of the Defence Vision 2035, which includes Quantum Technology.

  • Quantum subject matter expert Fred Daum about his view on the quantum technology in information science and sensors.

  • Chief cryptographer Martin Ekerå of the Swedish National Communications Security Authority (NCSA) of the Swedish Armed Forces on the quantum threat and how to mitigate this.

  • NATO CMRE specialist Pietro Paglierani on Underwater Quantum Key Distribution and the main lessons learnt from a real-time Proof of Concept implementation.

The IST-SET-198-RSY is NATO Unclassified and open to NATO Nations, NATO Bodies and STO Enhanced Opportunity Partners (Australia, Japan and Sweden), and Switzerland.

For further information, please contact the IST Panel Office at IST@cso.nato.int.

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