Great facilities
Building national
cleanroom facilities
for all

Great facilities are crucial for developments in quantum technology. That is why Quantum Delta cooperates with NanoLabNL to strengthen and improve a National Cleanroom programme. Within the programme, facilities will be connected and shared between five different locations across the country: Amsterdam, Twente, Delft, Eindhoven and Groningen.

Each of the locations offers a range of basic and expert techniques which are complementary. The high-quality equipment available at these facilities can be used to deposit materials with atomic precision, create structures down to nanometer resolutions, and inspect and analyse the manufactured surfaces and structures. The techniques can be applied in a wide range of fields and are currently in such domains as photonics, space, health and quantum. In addition to a broad foundation of solid infrastructure, each facility offers unique equipment and expertise connected to local knowledge and scientific programmes.

The result: creating better facilities and arranging better access for universities and research institutes, start-ups and industry.

The National Cleanroom Infrastructure is powered by NanolabNL

A strong entrepreneurial ecosystem

Just as Silicon Valley was the driver and epicentre of semiconductor technology and its applications, the Netherlands wants to become the focal point for quantum technology. Ground-breaking research, high-quality education, state-of-the-art facilities for developing and testing the technology, and new applications are required in order to attract talented people and dynamic businesses, and thus generate a vigorous quantum ecosystem in the Netherlands.

Flex cabling for cryogenic systems

Active since 2017, Delft Circuits is a start-up whose roots lie in the Quantum Nanoscience department at Delft University of Technology. The company develops qubit control cables for inside and outside cryostats. It is a niche market, currently only featuring a handful of manufacturers. The company’s first product, Cri/oFlex®, is a low-thermal-load, flexible type of RF cable that is massively scalable. Delft Circuits now employs about 10 people from a variety of backgrounds.