House of Quantum - Opening
A natural meeting place
National Campus and House of Quantum

a National Campus where knowledge moves and merges

In order to create a ‘Silicon Valley of quantum technology’ in the Netherlands, a solid national ecosystem must be built, in which all actors (scientists, entrepreneurs, students, financiers and companies) can find each other quickly and work together without barriers. The development of the local hubs creates a National Campus where knowledge moves and merges.

House of Quantum

The House of Quantum is in preparation

The beating heart of this Campus is the House of Quantum, a physical building where all blood groups and disciplines from the ecosystem can come together and feel at home. The key word here is community building in a physical but open meeting place. The House of Quantum integrates various functions: space for scientists, startups and business, combined with spaces for shared facilities, meeting and interaction. It will be an inspiring place, where unexpected encounters between enterprising people take place and where the quantum community has a place to use shared equipment and workshops and organize walks and workshops. It offers space for public and public-private functions, such as the KAT demonstrators, new field labs and the National Living Lab Quantum Technology and Society, as well as a central meeting place of the national valorization team and eventually the housing of the Quantum Delta NL.

The House of Quantum is in preparation. A plan of requirements is currently being worked on, co-financed by the Start Impulse awarded to the National Agenda Quantum Technology. When drawing up the plan of requirements, a close look at the different functionalities of the building, taking the entire quantum community into account and listening carefully to how the House of Quantum can be truly open and connective to everyone. Plans are being made for the physical location as part of new construction on the southern campus of Delft University of Technology. The proximity of QuTech, the cleanrooms and the House of Quantum is essential to the success of the quantum ecosystem. The House of Quantum opens in 2024.

A natural meeting place in the Quantum Delta NL