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Qblox raises €4.8Mn in funding from the European Innovation Council Horizon2020

In August 2020, Qblox decided to apply for funding from European Commission Accelerator program. A total of 4,223 startups requested over €15Bn from the EIC Accelerator. Qblox amongst the 1% successful deeptech startups (just 38 companies) which succeeded. With this funding, Qblox can take a leap towards the production and introduction of the Qblox cluster qubit control stack.

Qblox Cluster qubit control stack

The quantum processor is a ~ 1cm chip on which calculations are performed. It contains the qubits, which are fragile and extremely sensitive to imperfections in the control signals. This makes it highly complex to effectively control even a handful of qubits. Current prototype quantum computers use off-the-shelve electronics for this purpose, but this is not a scalable approach due to limitations in cost, size and complexity – costing ~$50k per controlled qubit and requiring meters of control stack space.

Qblox focuses on the control electronics, the ‘control stack’, of the quantum computer. Qblox technology is a factor of 100 smaller, much more flexible, and cost-effective, acting as a vital stopover in which the input of a classical computer is converted into signals that control the quantum processor.

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