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A new EU-wide effort on creating scalable quantum processor: The QLSI project

The EU has launched a new large-scale project aimed at designing processors that can be used in quantum computers. The project called QLSI (Quantum Large-Scale Integration with Silicon) brings together 19 highly specialized groups in Europe to help position Europe at the top-level of international quantum computing developments. On Thursday February 4, the consortium was launched. It is the latest addition to a billion-euro R&D project in Europe called EU Quantum Flagship.

In the 4-year project, spin qubits will be used on a processor. The use of this kind of qubits on a quantum processor allows for scalability of the processor. The computing power of a quantum processor grows exponentially with the number of qubits that are used. This means that a very high processing power can be achieved with only a few qubits, and shows how scalability is such a desirable feature for a quantum processor.

The Dutch addition to the QLSI project comes from QuTech, a collaboration between the TU Delft and TNO. QuTech hosts the Quantum Inspire application which lets you use a 2-qubit quantum circuit. Based on this effort, the QLSI project will expand this effort to a 16-qubit chip. Also, an 8-qubit-chip will be made which is available for external use, similar to the Quantum Inspire project.

Would you like to read more? The detailed information is available here.