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Qu&Co and LG Electronics announce multi-year research collaboration to develop and test quantum algorithms for multiphysics simulations

Amsterdam and Seoul, 15 April 2021Qu&Co, a leading quantum computational software developer from Europe, and LG Electronics (LG) are launching a three-year research collaboration to develop and test quantum algorithms for multiphysics simulations to solve some of LG’s most complex corporate research challenges.

The collaboration follows the publication late last year by Qu&Co and its research partner, the University of Exeter (UK), of novel quantum computational methods which in time could provide industry-relevant quantum advantages for solving multiphysics problems.

Dr. Vincent Elfving

“For years it was uncertain whether quantum computers were able to treat complex nonlinear systems typical in multiphysics problems,” said Dr. Vincent Elfving, CTO at Qu&Co. “With our new proprietary quantum algorithms for solving differential equations, we show a novel approach for treating nonlinearities directly and derivatives analytically that is compatible with near term quantum processors.”

Dr. I.P. Park

“The disruptive potential of quantum computing will open up the boundaries of our imagination like never before,” said Dr. I.P. Park, president and CTO of LG Electronics. “Quantum computing promises to change the world by transforming medicine, revolutionizing communication and improving artificial intelligence. And while we won’t see quantum computers on our desks anytime soon, partnerships like the one we are initiating with Qu&Co are vital for elevating the level of applied research in this space.”

About Qu & Co

Qu&Co is a quantum computational software company founded in 2017 in Amsterdam and a valued member of the Netherlands’ thriving quantum community. Its software will empower corporate researchers to run complex chemistry and multiphysics simulations on future quantum processors with unprecedented accuracy and speed. Qu&Co’s SaaS platform solutions include unique and patented quantum algorithms and are distributed as backend integrations to leading conventional software packages. Qu&Co serves corporate research clients from large multinationals, has partnerships with US and European quantum hardware players and R&D collaborations with leading Universities from around the world.