Quantum Delta NL News

Slides of Quantum Delta NL’s virtual Launch Event

You can download the slides of the majority of the breakout sessions below. There are contact details in most of the slides to be able to make a direct connection.

If you want to reach out to someone without contact details, feel free to contact our community manager Irene by sending an email.

  • Let’s talk about quantum, by Julia Cramer: download.
  • Building the Eindhoven Quantum Ecosystem, by Servaas Kokkelmans and Ed Winters: download.
  • Building a national quantum network (CAT 2), by Jesse Robbers: download.
  • Quantum Computing & Simulation (CAT 1), by Richard Versluis: download.
  • Research and Innovation: Open call (Action line 1), by Wieteke de Boer and Carlo Beenakker: download.
  • Talent & Learning Centres (Action line 3), by Frank van der Zwan: download.
  • Lessons from Industry, by Koen Groenland: download.
  • Topsquad: developing CMOS building blocks for scalable quantum computing, by Tycho Sonnemans and Alexander Brinkman: download.
  • Venture Capital in the age of quantum, by Ton van ‘t Noordende and Marcel van der Heijden: download.
  • Nanodevice fabrication at NanolabNL, by Guus Rijnders and Frank Dirne: download.
  • Quantum Sensing Applications (CAT 3), by Florian Schreck, Clara Osorio Tamayo, Nadia Haider and Simon Gröblacher: download.
  • House of Quantum. Building the new physical heart of Quantum Delta NL, by Freeke Heijman and Rob Mulder: download.
  • Societal impact driving quantum technology innovation, by Victor Land, Deborah Nas, Julia Cramer, Joris van Hoboken and Daniël Frijters: download (part 1) and download (part 2).

For a description of each of the breakout sessions, you can refer to the bottom of the event’s registration page.