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Quantum Delta NL Actions Lines

Action line 1 | Realization of research and innovation breakthroughs in six fields

The various aspects of quantum technology are at very different technology readiness levels. For that reason, it is essential to ensure that developing such tech in the Quantum Delta NL and bringing it to market is paired with exploratory development programmes focused on achieving breakthroughs in research and innovation. Maintaining our leading role in the future necessitates close cooperation and ongoing investment in research and innovation that lays the foundations for future applications of quantum computing. Quantum Delta NL invests in quantum computing, quantum simulation, quantum communication, quantum sensing, quantum algorithms and post-quantum cryptography.

Action line 2 | Ecosystem development, market creation and infrastructure

Quantum Delta NL is building a vibrant ecosystem of students, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors that all have a role to play in bringing the technology to the next level. In this ecosystem, many parties work together to accelerate innovation and apply technology in actual practice. Together, the partners in Quantum Delta NL form a national ecosystem for innovation.

To get the ecosystem off the ground, we will be creating field labs as practical innovation environments, strengthening the 5 hubs, and establishing a technology transfer programme, with support for start-ups. The goal is to achieve aggregate value creation, building a quantum industry in which existing and new companies from the Netherlands and around the world create value in the Netherlands.

Action line 3 | Human capital: education, knowledge and skills

Quantum technology is still in an early, pre-paradigm phase. In this phase, it is extremely important to focus on talent. In this action line, Quantum Delta NL will focus on educating, training and attracting top talent for strengthening the Dutch innovation capacity that incorporates all the affiliated quantum research institutes.

Within that context, there is a culture of freedom that minimizes walls and exists separate from the established rules and conventions of academia, without requirements to teach or publish. We work on reinforcing education, collaboration and knowledge exchange, on attracting and retaining talent from the Netherlands and other countries, and on community building, conferences, summer schools and student exchanges.

This rich talent pool will be the powerful engine driving the quantum delta. Together they will set the standard for quantum technology worldwide.

Action line 4 | Promotion of social dialogue regarding quantum technology

We aim to make the Netherlands fully ready for quantum technology. To that end, we promote multidisciplinary collaboration between social sciences, the humanities and exact sciences in a dynamic national lab. This broad base will engender confidence in the results. As a result, parallel to the overall technology readiness level, the societal readiness level will show steady growth.

This action line aims to promote social dialogue regarding quantum technology, establish ethical, legal and social ‘ELSA’ frameworks, and get society involved and prepared for the implementation of quantum tech, thus facilitating accelerated economic impact.

Read more in the National Agenda for Quantum Technology (PDF)

Impact of Quantum Delta NL

In many ways, quantum computing is still in its early days, bristling with potential – and the Netherlands is in an excellent position to capitalize on the opportunities offered by quantum technology. The aim is to provide a dynamic international ecosystem for innovation, embedding the country’s world-class research facilities and universities and facilitating start-ups, scale-ups and unicorns that will become drivers of the Dutch economy for decades. New tech will have a soft landing in society, mediated by field labs and other forms of hands-on experimentation. Quantum Delta NL is a multidisciplinary hotbed incorporating the full range of scientific research, applied and fundamental.