Qblox is the top choice for Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden to further their quantum aspirations

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The Netherlands builds national headquarters for quantum in Delft

The Netherlands is getting a House of Quantum. The House of Quantum is to be known as the smartest 12,000 ‘square meters of quantum’ in Europe and will be built around an ecosystem of companies, investors and researchers who create the quantum technologies and business of tomorrow.

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Bouw van ‘nationaal hoofdkwartier voor quantumtechnologie’ in Delft van start

Nederland krijgt een House of Quantum. Het House of Quantum moet bekend komen te staan als de slimste 12.000 vierkante ‘quantummeters’ van Europa en wordt gebouwd rond een ecosysteem van bedrijven, financiers en onderzoekers die de quantumtechnologieën en de business van
morgen creëren.

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Researchers from the Netherlands and Germany were able to intercept a chat between two atoms

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Quantum Delta NL launches LightSpeed to tap into 13.6 billion investment potential

LightSpeed can connect Dutch quantum startups with 13.6 billion in investment capital, managed by European and U.S. funds.

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