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Interview with Niels Bultink from Qblox

We talk with Niels Bultink about the day-to-day life at Qblox, the company goals, and the drive behind the company.

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Qblox is the top choice for Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden to further their quantum aspirations

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Dutch Quantum computing startups join hands to create IMPAQT consortium

Traditionally quantum computer development (QC) has been done with a monolithic approach – one entity manufacturing and sourcing all components. This is costly, time-consuming and risky. In order to accelerate quantum computer development, IMPAQT envisions a modular approach: Independent companies focus on different parts of the stack. In December 2020 members of the IMPAQT consortium signed an agreement to collaborate on ensuring that different building blocks of QC are interfaced well. In the future, this will allow quantum computer manufacturers to easily integrate subsystems.

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Qblox wins CES 2021 Innovation Award

The unrivalled power of quantum computers holds the key to overcome major challenges that society faces in areas like energy transition, health, safety & security and new materials. But in the race to stable and commercially viable quantum computers – various challenges must be overcome regarding the scalability and the correction of computational errors. This is where Qblox comes in with the next generation of qubit control hardware named the Cluster series. Qblox is part of the Dutch delegation of companies that is present during the online CES 2021.

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