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29 September 2022Juliette de la Rie

House of Quantum and TNO sign collaboration agreement for shared quantum test facility

During the annual event for the entire Quantum Delta NL community, which took place in Rotterdam this month, House of Quantum (HoQ) and TNO signed a collaboration agreement for the development of a shared Quantum Technology (QT) test facility. This facility will be realized at the House of Quantum ‘Elektronicaweg’, in Delft.

The planned test facility should contain a ‘dilution refrigerator’ and the necessary control electronics. A dilution refrigerator (fridge) is an advanced cooling system for cooling quantum chips to near absolute zero. These conditions are necessary for the functioning of qubits.  

Such high-tech test facilities, in which Quantum delta NL is investing heavily, are often too expensive to realize individually. In the House of Quantum, these facilities will be made available to the entire QT ecosystem.

TNO will, partly based on its experience with the TNO QITT facility among others, draw up the design and associated requirements for the facility. With this, a purchase procedure can then be initiated.

In addition to the Elektronicaweg location and a planned main building in Delft, HoQ aims to open branches in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Twente, where shared test facilities will be realized as well.

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