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The Netherlands is ready for the quantum decade

Quantum Delta NL
A strong national ecosystem
What is Quantum
Delta NL?

The Netherlands is a vibrant international hotspot for quantum technology, with leading science, technology and talent. With Quantum Delta NL, we are creating a fully functional national ecosystem for excellence in quantum innovation, for highly talented professionals to bring quantum computers, quantum networks and quantum sensors to the market.

Igniting the quantum revolution

The Netherlands has the vision, technology, talent and partnerships to move to the forefront of this complex field, becoming a dynamic Quantum Delta NL. Successful development and innovative application of quantum technology require us to overcome major scientific and technological challenges and integrate diverse technologies and disciplines, adopting a targeted strategy and approach backed by all parties in the ecosystem. By working together, we can simultaneously lift technology readiness levels across the board.

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Let’s introduce
Our hubs

“The Netherlands has taken a leading role through courageous management and scientific excellence”

— Freeke Heijman
Director of Quantum Delta NL

Quantum Delta NL consists of five major quantum hubs and several universities and research centres, which are all connected. The hubs are collaborating on innovation by bringing together top-quality scientists, engineers, students and entrepreneurs, working together on the frontier of quantum technology.
Video First European Quantum Computer
First European Quantum Computer

In the context of the CAT 1 programme, the first demonstrator has been launched: Quantum Inspire. This platform offers access to two promising qubit types from Delft and an emulator for SURFsara, the supercomputer in Amsterdam. Quantum Inspire provides simultaneous access to multiple high-potential qubit platforms. Combining solid hardware with software development is also unique: you can test applications on a real system. And, unlike commercial platforms, Quantum Inspire is no black box; this open platform allows users to create their own value.

The Netherlands builds national headquarters for quantum in Delft

The Netherlands is getting a House of Quantum. The House of Quantum is to be known as the smartest 12,000 ‘square meters of quantum’ in Europe and will be built around an ecosystem of companies, investors and researchers who create the quantum technologies and business of tomorrow.

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Bouw van ‘nationaal hoofdkwartier voor quantumtechnologie’ in Delft van start

Nederland krijgt een House of Quantum. Het House of Quantum moet bekend komen te staan als de slimste 12.000 vierkante ‘quantummeters’ van Europa en wordt gebouwd rond een ecosysteem van bedrijven, financiers en onderzoekers die de quantumtechnologieën en de business van
morgen creëren.

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Artist’s impression of the experiment

Researchers from the Netherlands and Germany were able to intercept a chat between two atoms

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Small country, big ambition

If you are looking for the best spot to launch or grow your quantum business, rest assured: the Netherlands offers an excellent ecosystem where your company can flourish. For years, the Netherlands has been the largest receiver of European funding in the field of quantum technology, and now the Dutch national government is providing a solid foundation for structural support in the decades to come, by launching Quantum Delta NL.
Together, we can ignite the quantum revolution.