Together, We Unlock Quantum’s Transformative Potential

The quantum revolution is a scientific, engineering and commercial challenge unlike any other in history. If we are successful, quantum innovation could be a positive disruptive power that leads to improved lives, a richer, more sustainable economy, a healthier planet – and an even deeper understanding of our universe.

Quantum Delta NL is well-positioned to contribute to a historic opportunity in quantum by accelerating quantum technology developments in the Netherlands and establishing a collaborative ecosystem that fosters international collaborations with the world's top scientific institutions, businesses, students, and professionals.

We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead of us. Together, we can realise quantum’s profound benefits. 

Join us in this historic adventure.

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Three Days of Global Quantum Community Meetups in the Netherlands

Quantum Meets '24

Quantum Delta NL is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated second edition of Quantum Meets, a dynamic three-day series of captivating quantum events set to take place in the Netherlands from June 11-13. Highlighting this year's lineup is the Q-Expo, a unique two-day event by the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) proudly co-hosted by QDNL as an integral part of Quantum Meets ’24.

Quantum & Society Gala


A night at the Quantum & Society Gala by Quantum Delta NL & New Scientist.

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House of Quantum

Where minds meet, ideas merge, and people thrive

Providing the quantum ecosystem with the spaces & facilities needed to excel and move forward together.

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Women in Quantum Development Foundation

The Quantum Delta NL ecosystem highly values a diverse and inclusive community. As one of our efforts to achieve this, we support Women in Quantum Development (WIQD). WIQD brings together women in quantum in the Netherlands and beyond with the belief that a support network will have a positive impact on the retention of women in the field.

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Exploratory Quantum Technology Assessment (EQTA)

EQTA is a practical step-by-step plan that helps organizations make optimal and responsible use of the opportunities offered by quantum technology by exploring opportunities and impact in a timely manner.

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Let's Play Quantum Games!

Quantum Tiq Taq Toe

Quantum tic-tac-toe is a quantum generalization of tic-tac-toe in which the players' moves are superpositions of plays in the classical game.

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