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29 March 2024Vania Lopez Diaz

Unlocking the Mysteries of Quantum: A Night at the Quantum and Society Gala

Hosts Jim Jansen and Julia Cramer on stage during the gala. Image: Bob Bronshoff.

On March 14, 2024, TivoliVredenburg in the vibrant city of Utrecht, Netherlands, hosted the Quantum and Society Gala, an event that blended science, art, and societal dialogue.

This collaborative effort between the Center for Quantum and Society, New Scientist NL, and Quantum Delta NL, offered attendees a night with a diverse array of performances, interviews, and thought-provoking discussions aimed at unraveling the enigmatic realm of quantum physics.

Designed as an immersive experience rather than a conventional scientific event, the gala aimed to demystify the complexity of quantum science and make it accessible to all.

By the hand of hosts Jim Jansen, New Scientist NL editor-in-chief, and quantum and society researcher, Julia Cramer, the evening delivered a program for exploration of quantum from various perspectives including ethics, journalism, music and art. Attendees enjoyed the melodies of Merlijn Twaalfhoven in the piano, while experiencing science intertwined with artistry.

During the gala, technology experts Constantijn van Oranje, Jaya Baloo, Evert van Nieuwenburg, Deborah Nas, Bob Coeke, Ronald Hanson, Freeke Heijman and Marten Teitsma, philosopher Peter-Paul Verbeek and science journalist Dorine Schenk, offered their insights about the challenges and opportunities of a future with quantum.

The Quantum and Society Gala was meant as a testament to the power of collaboration, curiosity, and creativity in unraveling the mysteries of the quantum world. Most of all it was a Centre for Quantum and Society and Quantum Delta effort to bring society at large into the dialogue about the development of quantum, a necessary step in what is called to be the next tech revolution.

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