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01 January 2022

3 Questions with Julia Cramer about the National Quantum Course

What is the National Quantum Course?

The National Quantum Course is a free online course on Quantum Science and Technology. Anyone can sign up to learn more about the basics of quantum mechanics, the current state of quantum technology development, and expectations for the future. Jim Stolze developed the course, who reached 220.000 people with the National AI Course. I’ll serve as the ‘guide’ of the course.

All participants who’ve completed the course will receive a certificate.

Who is it for, and why should people participate?

The National Quantum course is open to anyone who wants to learn more about quantum science and technology. Since a fully functional quantum computer is still far away, we want to show people the first proofs-of-principle of quantum technology and teach more about how the technology promises to impact society significantly. We want to include the larger society in an early stage in discussing and developing future quantum technology applications.

How does this fit into Quantum Delta NL's programme?

With developing a technology that’s likely to be societally disruptive comes responsibility. One actionline within Quantum Delta NL focuses on the Ethical, Legal, and Societal aspects of quantum technology. We aim to make The Netherlands ‘Quantum Ready’ and make quantum ‘Society Ready’. The National Quantum course will help people participate in the dialogue by building up valuable knowledge on the topic.

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