Senior International Programme Lead

Quantum Delta NL is looking for an all-round international programme lead who can coordinate a 60ME programme that QDNL is setting up together with France and Germany, with the aim to strengthen the European quantum ecosystem by connecting our facilities and investing in joint priorities.

About the Job

This programme’s goal is to connect the three national programmes of France, Germany and NL by funding concrete collaborative projects that enhance European leadership in quantum as a key enabling and strategic technology. The three governments have signed a political memorandum of understanding and QDNL has been assigned to make this concrete via a top-up international programme of 60ME. France and Germany are committed to reserving a similar amount.

In the upcoming 6 months we need to develop the overall governance structure, funding mechanisms and concrete projects in the following modules:

1. European Quantum Campus

Leveraging existing plans for national locations, the three partners will work on the concept of a European Quantum Campus. This interconnected campus will be a unique cross-border initiative with the intention to expand further into Europe. Each individual hub will provide access and facilitate R&D collaboration among companies and researchers, provide work and meeting spaces as well as shared fabrication facilities for startups. The hubs will also support and coordinate European educational and outreach efforts.

2. Joint trilateral projects

This module implements several cross-border initiatives (for example in the form of a call structure with funding from all three partners), including a trilateral call to accelerate R&D and commercialisation activities for critical parts of the quantum landscape. These include quantum computing (hardware and software); connecting quantum computers; and sensing technology for metrology and earth observation

Your role is to coordinate this overall programme within Quantum Delta NL. In the first 6 months, it is about setting-up and structuring the programme, including governance, mechanisms and budgets based on the overall plan that was approved by the National Growth Fund. In this phase, you will be working closely with the QDNL international team and executive board. In the second phase (2024 onwards) the role will develop more into programme management and budget / KPI control.

You will be part of the QDNL programme office (part of the international team) and work very closely with QDNL executive board and all programme leads. You enjoy pioneering and developing new schemes and processes, as this international programme is a first in the context of QDNL and the National Growth Fund. You have strong skills in programme management and a strong background in coordinating European programmes.

We are looking for a person who is excited to coordinate, execute, and direct a 60ME international programme and develop its management structure and adequate reporting routines.

The projects that are and will be selected are mainly executed by different Dutch knowledge institutes, startups and QDNL initiatives such as House of Quantum, the Quantum Application Lab and the Talent and Learning Centres.

Do you want to be a part of the quantum revolution and strengthen European tech leadership? Do you enjoy aligning French, German and Dutch cultures and ways of working? Are you skilled at stakeholder management? Then this position is for you!

You will spend about 70% of your time on:

  • Setting up a programme management governance and financial budget;

  • Negotiations with French and German counterparts;

  • Steering and accelerating projects;

  • Stakeholder management and preparation of board decisions;

  • Preparing the grant proposal and KPI reporting.

What we are looking for:

  • Hands-on programme manager with a strong background and experience in setting up and managing collaboration projects (preferably international);

  • Comfortable with European programmes and subsidy schemes;

  • Team player who can work with passionate and driven colleagues;

  • Diplomatic and patient communicator;

  • Feeling for an academic and deep tech environment;

  • Able to interact with highly driven technical and scientific experts;

  • Able to keep an eye on the ball in a complex multi-stakeholder environment;

  • 'Startup' skills: used to a dynamic environment, in which you cannot always fall back on existing rules, frameworks, etc;

  • Excellent written and verbal skills in English (French or German is an advantage). Willingness to learn Dutch is a pre;

  • You have a warm and entrepreneurial personality and are focused on achieving results together. Our tone of voice in communication is personal and welcoming.

We look forward to receiving applications from people with a bicultural background.

Profile of the Quantum Delta NL Foundation

  • We are the organisation that further strengthens the Netherlands' leading position in the global quantum ecosystem.

  • Ambitious and with a big mission for the upcoming years.

  • Founded in 2019 with the aim of realizing the 'National Agenda Quantum Technology' of the Netherlands. In April 2021, our proposal for the National Growth Fund was fully approved, giving the organization a mandate until 2028.

  • Eight programs that are coordinated and executed by quantum professionals in the field, located across the country.

If you want to know more about QDNL and its ecosystem, click on the following link to read our comprehensive Culture & DNA Manifesto. We are happy to share it with you!

Our team

You will be warmly welcomed by the Quantum Delta NL team. The programme office of QDNL is the core team of our foundation that coordinates 8 program components (each of which also has its own team).

Our team has developed naturally over the last few years, with the common denominators: passion for quantum technology, ambition and the urge to innovate. Our culture is informal and personal, with team members who each excel in their own field. The pioneering spirit has been at the core of the organization from the very beginning.

Working conditions

We are looking for someone who can start on short term (optional start as freelance) and is looking for a 4-5 day commitment. We don’t have a 9 to 5 mentality.

We are a growing team working from the House of Quantum building in Delft; on location (on Mondays anyway) and working from home and/or other locations combined.

Application process

We look forward to receiving your CV via Linkedin. We would like to receive your motivation and any questions via Berthilde Toes, HR People Advisor at QDNL (

Interviews will take place in Oktober and will consist of:

  • Interview with Ulrich Mans and/or Mayra van Houts, international team QDNL

  • Interview with Freeke Heijman board member QDNL and/or Magalie Fogaras People Lead

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