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04 April 2024Vania Lopez

Exploring the Implications of Quantum Technologies at UNESCO’s ‘Digital Transformation Dialogues’

On March 6, the Centre for Quantum and Society co-hosted a quantum event during the Digital Transformation Dialogues at UNESCO's headquarters in Paris.

This was UNESCO’s first quantum-related event and brought together 300+ policy-makers from all over the world to discuss show to avoid a global Quantum Divide and democratise access to quantum technology.

A highlight of the day: UNESCO and QDNL presented a joint discussion paper 'Quantum technologies and their global impact: discussion paper', authored by Dr. Pieter Vermaas and Dr. Ulrich Mans from Quantum Delta NL.

“UNESCO’s timing to publish this paper is well-chosen: even though quantum technology is still in its early stages, it is not the right time to think ahead: how can we prepare our societies for what the impact might be on our lives and our economies. UNESCO can play a crucial role in creating awareness and building a network of policy experts across the globe”, said Ulrich Mans.

The expert panel "Exploring the Implications of Quantum Technologies: Future Prospects and Challenges" explored how public authorities can tackle the (future) positive and negative impacts of quantum technology.

Speakers from Delft University of Technology, the Open Quantum Institute at GESDA, the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences- AIMS and New York University, shared their visions on the topic, moderated by Deborah Nas.

The session ended with a list of suggested concrete activities that can be supported by UNESCO, including capacity building for decision-makers in its member states.

This inaugural edition of UNESCO’s Digital Transformation Dialogues was the starting point for a dialogue on an inclusive digital future. Quantum Delta NL’s Centre for Quantum & Society is proud to contribute to UNESCO's ongoing efforts to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the fast-evolving digital landscape and we are looking forward to the journey ahead.

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