03 April 2024Juliette de la Rie

Launching Quantum Delta NL’s export control-as-a-service platform

Since 2023, Quantum Delta NL has been working with Export Control Group International, to safeguard compliance with export controls. This collaboration soon gave rise to the innovative concept of adopting a quantum domain-specific approach to compliance. Leveraging the expertise and tools of ECG International, combined with feedback from Quantum Delta NL’s international team, resulted in the development of a bespoke solution that reduces costs and saves time for the growing number of quantum start-ups and scale-ups. 

We recently talked to Eric Both, director of Export Control Group International on this important topic. Here’s what he had to say: 

Why is Export Control Compliance Crucial for the Quantum Ecosystem?

The quantum sector is transitioning from science to practical application. As quantum technologies advance, this raises potential concerns regarding its use for military purposes. The progression of quantum computing technologies has the potential to undermine the encryption methods currently protecting confidential communications.

This concern actually encompasses a broad range of enabling technologies, including but not limited to quantum technologies, cryogenic technologies, semiconductor technologies, additive manufacturing equipment, and advanced materials. Given their dual-use nature—primarily intended for civilian purposes but also applicable in military contexts—exporting these technologies across the globe requires obtaining an export license.


Adherence to export control regulations is essential for companies in the quantum sector, as it mitigates risks, grants access to global markets, and bolsters investor confidence. By complying with these laws, businesses can circumvent legal repercussions and unlock opportunities in international markets, thus attracting further investment due to their dedication to lawful and ethical operations.  

It also serves as a competitive edge and enhances operational efficiency through the simplification of export processes and minimisation of delays. Additionally, it fosters safer collaboration and innovations driving the advancement of quantum technologies within a secure environment, and, of course, adherence to export controls supports worldwide security and augments a company's image by ensuring that sensitive technologies are not misappropriated.  

In essence, export control compliance is not merely a legal requirement but a strategic advantage that promotes growth, innovation, and responsible business practices in the quantum industry. 


With Quantum Delta NL, we developed two distinct services tailored for quantum compliance to House of Quantum members: 

Firstly, expert knowledge and operational support through Export Control Officer as a Service™.  For House of Quantum members who lack an in-house expert on sanctions and export control compliance, or who have specific inquiries or requirements, this service offers direct access to specialised knowledge and support. It is designed to assist with navigating the complexities of export control regulations effectively. 

Secondly, demonstrable control measures. It is crucial for organisations to visibly manage compliance through written procedures, training programmes, and meticulous record-keeping. To facilitate this, we have developed Quantum ICP365™, an innovative online compliance tool. 


Quantum ICP365™ is an ensemble of internal guidelines and procedures adopted by House of Quantum members to guarantee adherence to regulatory standards. This is particularly important in the context of exporting, transferring, brokering, and transiting dual-use items. The tool is intended to merge the principles of the Internal Compliance Programme (ICP) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), aiding every company in setting up definitive protocols. This ensures operational consistency and underscores an organization’s dedication to responsible and efficient practices. 

Developed in collaboration with Quantum Delta NL and Export Control Group International BV, Quantum ICP365™ positions itself as both a framework for the quantum sector and a benchmark for quality standards. 

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