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17 June 2024Malon van der Toorn

Ministry of Finance exploration sessions results: detection of deviations in annual accounts and staff planning – ethics of quantum computing!

Innovation managers from the Ministry of Finance explored the opportunities of quantum technology with partner organizations and quantum experts over the past few months. Part of this exploration was an inventory of the ethical, legal and societal aspects (ELSA) of these applications.

The ministry aims to contribute to the responsible application of quantum technology (Quantum for Good) and collaborated with the Centre for Quantum and Society (CQS) for this purpose.

The inventory of the Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects (ELSA) focused on two concrete use cases: staff planning and detection of deviations in annual accounts. For both applications, the potential advantages and disadvantages, as well as the preconditions for a responsible implementation, were explored.

The analysis strengthens the vision of the Ministry on innovation: that early perception formation within the organization is of great importance, as well as attention to preconditions such as data interoperability, organizational embedding and compliance with legal and ethical principles such as fairness and non-discrimination.

"Quantum technology may potentially help our colleagues solve complex challenges that are now out of their scope of possibility. But we must ensure that we are able to mitigate possible risks for employees and citizens from the very beginning."

Thomas van der MeerInnovation Manager, Ministerie van Financiën

The outcomes of the ELSA exploration will be taken into account in further decision-making about the use of quantum technology at Finance. Further in-depth analysis is recommended in order to arrive at a careful consideration.

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