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15 September 2023Qblox

Quantum startups Qblox and SCALINQ partner up


September 14, 2023 - Gothenburg, Sweden / Delft, the Netherlands

SCALINQ, the Swedish research-based spin-off from Chalmers University of Technology, is delighted to share the news of its partnership with Qblox. Qblox is a Dutch spin-off from Qutech and the DiCarlo lab, now a leading provider of scalable and modular qubit control stacks.

The goal of the Qblox and SCALINQ partnership is to combine SCALINQ's cryogenic hardware, including LINQER, CliQ, and BriQ, with Qblox’s modular control electronics to enable researchers to obtain a validated, scalable spin and superconducting qubit setup.

According to Dr Giovanna Tancredi from Chalmers Technical University:

“Choosing the right hardware is a delicate process that involves a variety of uncertainties that can only be experimentally settled. I was proud and happy to see that our current setup at Chalmers where we are housing our 25-qubit quantum processor in SCALINQ’s packaging solution, LINQER80, combined with QBLOX scalable control hardware was able to demonstrate state-of-the-art coherence (> 100 μs) and single-qubit gate fidelities (> 99.9%) out of the box.”

Fully integrated control electronics and sample holders for extreme precision, analog excellence, and scalability.

At the heart of a quantum computer, within the cryogenic fridge, the sample holder contains the quantum chip. Outside the fridge, the control electronics send microwave pulses in the baseband and microwave regime to manipulate qubits. The Qblox quantum control stack, based on the Cluster, is a fully integrated, distributed, and full-stack quantum control architecture that combines unlevelled noise performance, low-latency arbitrary control flows, and a modular approach that scales to hundreds of qubits.

SCALINQ’s LINQER is a sample holder that enables 8 to 300 microwave connectors and a patented packaging solution designed to fit various sample sizes with high-end performance output. The solution is fully validated with up to 25 qubits and is already in use with academic and industrial players around the globe. With LINQER, you can change samples in a matter of minutes, and host multiple samples simultaneously, all while occupying only a small space in the fridge thanks to our high-density connectors. LINQER is delivered as a full-package solution, including cold fingers, base-temperature wiring, magnetic shielding, and PCBs.

Qblox’s control electronics tightly integrate with LINQER to provide a plug-and-research solution for scientists. The combination of Qblox control electronics and SCALINQ’s sample holders leads to high-end performance all the way from room temperature electronics down to the QPU.

Reach out to SCALINQ and Qblox for more information or to schedule a live demonstration.

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