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19 January 2024

Petition to Safeguard Quantum Technology Investments

Petition to Safeguard Investments in Technology and Innovation
Recent shifts in the Dutch political landscape have raised valid concerns about the prioritization of strategic investments in our future competitiveness. Quantum Delta NL, powered by the National Growth Fund, has positioned the Netherlands as a global leader in quantum advancements.

Preserving and fortifying investments in quantum and other technology areas is crucial to overcoming worldwide challenges such as climate, health, and security. We should not forget: without early public investments in nanolithography, ASML would not be a world-leading company and without investments in Water technology, the Netherlands would have been flooded.
In response to this imperative, Quantum Delta NL and PhotonDelta, representing our programs and ecosystems, have initiated a petition and dispatched a letter to Dutch MPs. We urgently appeal for the following actions:

  • Maintain the current and planned investments from the National Growth fund

  • Sustain investments in programs dedicated to talent development and retention.

Take action now by signing the petition. A signed petition letter (in Dutch only) is also available to be downloaded below.


The English-translated version of the petition website link:

Maintain the National Growth Fund

We are a prosperous country because of innovative companies and government investments in research and technology. The Growth Fund must secure prosperity and jobs for the future by finding solutions for problems related to e.g.: climate, healthcare and safety. Long-term investments are necessary to safeguard our prosperity.


Quantum Delta NL, Photon Delta and supporters

Note that:

  • Investing in the technology domains we are good at, is in danger of falling behind;

  • As such, economic opportunities are missed, and solutions to pressing to pressing problems such as internet security, healthcare and defense, remain beyond our reach.

  • If we had not invested in nanolithography as we had done in the past, ASML would presently not be one of the most important companies in the world, and if we had not developed water technology, our country would now be flooded.


And request:

  • Maintain existing and planned investments in the National Growth Fund;

  • Continue investing in programs aimed at knowledge development, talent development and talent retention.

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