15 May 2024

Press release: New House of Quantum building symbolizes rapid growth of Dutch quantum ecosystem

This afternoon, the second location of the House of Quantum will be inaugurated in Delft. The House of Quantum will become the world's first national quantum campus, comprising various buildings for quantum companies scattered across the country. Accompanied by CTO of Ericsson Erik Ekudden, His Majesty King Carl Gustav XVI of Sweden has visit the House of Quantum earlier today as part of ‘The Royal Technology Mission’. The official opening this afternoon will be conducted by the King’s Commissioner of South Holland, Jaap Smit and Loco-Mayor of Delft Frank van Vliet in the presence of startup founders, quantum technology experts, investors, and knowledge institutions such as TU Delft and TNO. 

The second House of Quantum building, called DT01, will bring together local and international companies, investors, and researchers to work on future quantum technology and business growth.  The first members who are setting up offices and labs in this building are Q*Bird, Equal1, OPNT, Xairos & Qblox 

Quantum Delta NL aims to expand the tech ecosystem with House of Quantum by giving members access to quantum technology labs and by promoting synergy between hardware and software, and attracting non-technical stakeholders to support the national quantum ecosystem. This fits within the ambitious national quantum technology program, for which Quantum Delta NL has received 615 million euros from the National Growth Fund. Last year, the first location was opened in Delft, with other locations in Twente, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and Leiden to follow.

Rapid growth of the quantum industry

With the opening of this second building, Quantum Delta highlights the rapid growth of the House of Quantum and the quantum industry. Quantum Delta NL has successfully contributed to the development of over 20 quantum companies and the creation of more than 650 direct jobs, in addition to 760 jobs in educational institutions. It serves as an example of a sector that can make significant contributions to new jobs, improved security of digital infrastructures, the development of medicines and vaccines, solutions for logistical challenges, new climate models, and technical autonomy for Europe. 

Jesse Robbers, director industry and digital infrastructure at Quantum Delta NL, says, "The rapid growth of the House of Quantum once again demonstrates the importance of continuing to invest in quantum technology. To provide solutions to global challenges such as climate, healthcare, and security, new technology is needed. If this technology is developed in the Netherlands, it will not only lead to more prosperity but also to a future where we can build public facilities.” 

Christiaan van Oord, directeur House of Quantum: "It is important to showcase the relevance of Quantum and the role that the Netherlands plays in this field for visiting delegations and dignitaries from all over the world. The House of Quantum is the place where everything comes together - to discover and learn more about our ecosystem, to embark on the R&D journey, and to collaborate as a community.” 

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