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05 March 2024

Qblox, Maybell, and Quantware team up to deploy a full-stack quantum system built in 2 days at the APS March Meeting 2024


A global first: a fully functional superconducting quantum computer on a conference floor.

Minneapolis (MN) – The United States. (March 5th, 2024) - Qblox, Maybell and QuantWare make waves at the APS March Meeting 2024 with a never-before-seen demonstration at a conference. During the APS March meeting, the Qblox booth will showcase a full-stack quantum computer. Installed over the weekend, the fully functional system includes quantum devices, a 10mK cryostat, and the control electronics necessary to perform live qubit operations on the conference floor.

This combination of advanced technologies features the Maybell Fridge, QuantWare Soprano chip, and Qblox Cluster control electronics to provide the quantum industry with solutions that are mature enough that a full-stack system can go from crate to compute in less than a weekend.

This collaboration highlights the companies' commitment to innovation, partnership, and developing plug-and-play solutions for the quantum computing ecosystem.

I’m proud to see the ultimate proof of plug-and-play quantum systems. Demonstrating the functionality of a single product is impressive, but building up such a complex tool in just 48 hours by combining off-the-shelf products marks a new chapter in the quantum technology value chain.

Niels BultinkCEO of Qblox

"This is what Maybell is all about: empowering researchers and innovators," said Corban Tillemann Dick, CEO of Maybell Quantum. "The Maybell Fridge's unprecedented ease of use and reliability eliminates deployment and commissioning obstacles and helps teams like Qblox focus their time and brilliance on experimentation and solving physics problems. We're committed to making quantum technology more accessible, even in unexpected settings."

“This demonstration shows that the value chain approach, building quantum computers using off-the-shelf products, is pushing the maturing of this technology forward at a very rapid pace. QuantWare’s mission is to accelerate the advent of the quantum computer – building one in 48 hours on a conference floor is a very literal example!” - Matthijs Rijlaarsdam, CEO of QuantWare.

About Qblox

Qblox is a leading provider of quantum control solutions, offering hardware and software solutions designed to optimize the performance and scalability of quantum computing systems. With a 90+ member strong team, Qblox continues to innovate platform-agnostic and scalable hardware and software to support operations on thousands of qubits.

About Maybell Quantum

Maybell Quantum, Founded in 2021, is a Denver-based quantum infrastructure company. Maybell's mission is to deliver the world's best tools to solve the toughest quantum challenges, offering cryogenic and wiring solutions that are more accessible, reliable, and performant. Maybell has offices in Denver and Copenhagen.

About Quantware

QuantWare is the leading supplier of quantum processors. QuantWare provides quantum processors to organizations worldwide, enabling them to build better quantum computers faster and more efficiently. Committed to a supply chain approach, QuantWare develops technology that will massively scale the number of qubits in a single processor, to create processors that can perform useful quantum computation in the near term.

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