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27 February 2024Juliette de la Rie

QDNL Visitor’s Programme Update: Alex Alvarado and Junqiao Lin

Quantum Delta NL invites talented individuals to participate in our community through multiple collaborative channels. The goal is to leave no talent behind by accommodating the goals and educational trajectory of prospective members.

Our visitor programme aspires to further broaden the international appeal of Quantum Delta NL by offering sabbatical stays and supporting exchange visits for PhD students, postdocs, and other stakeholders across the QDNL network. 

Our outgoing visitors serve as ambassadors who visit leading institutions across the globe to learn the latest techniques and innovations and spread our knowledge while helping form important collaborations. 

This time we highlight the outbound visits of Alex Alvarado and Junqiao Lin.

Alex Alvarado, TU/e, visited LuxQuanta Technologies in Barcelona, Spain.

Alex shared about his visit: "I visited LuxQuanta four times during 2023 where I got to know the team as well as researchers at ICFO (Institute of Photonic Sciences). My main goal of the visit was to create and strengthen a research collaboration between the ICT Lab and LuxQuanta. During my stay, I participated in multiple research meetings focusing on digital signal processing techniques for QKD systems as well as implications of information- and communication theory to such systems.

Special attention was put on low-complexity DSP algorithms suitable for QKD systems. One concrete key result of these visits is that I was invited to participate in a Spanish-funded research proposal. I hope these visits will generate future collaborations with LuxQuanta and ICFO, as well as other European research proposals and collaboration opportunities."

Junqiao Lin from the CWI/Qusoft in Amsterdam visited QMath at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Junqiao shared about his visit: "During this visit, I worked with Laura Mancinska on some of the implications of robust self-testing, a key tool for many cryptographic protocols using entanglements under the communing operator model. A lot of these protocols (such as randomness expansion and randomness certification) remain secure even under this more general model of entanglement. I have also met with a couple of her students and discussed some of the other open problems on self-testing; unfortunately, I did not make a lot of progress on some of these problems.  

I also met with the operator algebra community (with Mikeal Rordam, Magdalena Muscat, and Pieter Spaas). I explained some of the new characterizations I had on the commuting operator model using the language of Tracial von Neumann algebras. Unfortunately, I was sick for the last week of my visit, so we are hoping to resume this discussion online on some of the common interests on this subject at a future date."

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