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02 February 2024

QDNL Visitor’s Programme Update: Yunus Can Gültekin and Fenglei Gu

QDNL invites talented individuals to participate in our community through multiple collaborative channels. The goal is to leave no talent behind by accommodating the goals and educational trajectory of prospective members. 

Our visitor programme aspires to further broaden the international appeal of Quantum Delta NL by offering sabbatical stays and supporting exchange visits for Ph.D. students, postdocs, and other stakeholders across the QDNL network.  

Our outgoing visitors serve as ambassadors who visit leading institutions across the globe to learn the latest techniques and innovations and spread our knowledge while helping form important collaborations.  

This time we highlight two outbound visits. Last year, Yunus Can Gültekin visited LuxQuanta in Spain and Fenglei Gu visited the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin. 

Yunus Can Gültekin, Postdoctoral Researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology

Yunus shares about his visit: 

"I visited LuxQuanta, a company that delivers QKD systems in Spain in July 2023 via the QDNL Visitor's Programme. The visit was motivated by an existing research collaboration between ICT Lab and LuxQuanta, and aimed to enrich these activities. During my stay, I participated in regular research meetings focusing on DSP for QKD."

"Formally and informally, I discussed the use of techniques borrowed from information- and communication theory in next-generation QKD systems. both learned about practical aspects of QKD and disseminated ideas to help the hardware team. Thanks to this visit, myself, ICT Lab, and LuxQuanta now teamed up to apply for collaborative research grants offered by the Netherlands, Spain, and EU."

"Besides R&D activities, I participated in several company social events and enjoyed the beautiful weather and food in Castelldefels. I am thankful for the support I received from QDNL!"

Fenglei Gu, PhD student from Delft University of Technology

Fenglei shares about his visit:  

"To facilitate the project of realizing a high-performance quantum repeater with quantum-dot emitters and Group-IV-vacancy color centers in diamond, I applied this funding from Quantum  DeltaNL to visit Tim Shröder’s group at Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin, in Berlin. There, I learned a lot from the postdocs and Ph.D. candidates about the knowledge of the Group-IV-vacancy color center in diamond and had many meaningful discussions about quantum dots and the operation protocols of the repeater chain with Professor Tim."

"These eliminate most of the barriers in this project. For now, the simulation is ongoing and a paper is in preparation. Besides, I attended several excellent conferences in Berlin from which I saw the amazing possibilities in the combination of quantum physics, art, and biology and met many prestigious scientists. I also built solid friendships with the members of Tim’s group. We had very nice conversations during the parties and the cocktail sections after the meetings. Most interestingly, I attend the concert with the performance of one of the group members in Berliner Philharmonie."

"All in all, the visiting period is successful, rich, and fun. And at the end, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Quantum DeltaNL for offering me such a chance to visit Tim’s group in Berlin. It expands my horizons and gives me confidence in going further in my future quantum journey."

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