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01 May 2023Juliette de la Rie

Quantum Delta NL Presents Quantum Meets '23

Five Days of Global Quantum Community Meetups in the Netherlands

Quantum Delta NL is proud to announce the inaugural edition of Quantum Meets, a five-day series of quantum events happening throughout the Netherlands from June 12 - 16. This initiative aims to foster collaboration and make high-quality learning and networking more accessible to create lasting connections within the global quantum community.

Unlike your typical quantum conference, Quantum Meets ’23 will be a five-day collection of events by individual organisers. With a diverse range of events, talks, panels, and workshops, Quantum Meets offers a dynamic and engaging programme that covers a wide spectrum of topics. From applications and implications to the latest research and developments, and growing a quantum business or ecosystem.  The aim is to make high-quality networking and learning accessible to all. Almost all Quantum Meets events are free and any party active in, or related to, quantum technology is welcome to organise an event as part of the programme.

"At Quantum Delta NL, collaboration is at the heart of our mission. With Quantum Meets, we are creating a platform that fosters even stronger and meaningful connections within the global quantum community and leveraging the collective expertise of quantum professionals from around the world.”

Juliette de la RieHead of Communications at Quantum Delta NL

Quantum Meets ’23 visits all main quantum hotspots in the Netherlands, with events taking place at a different hub every day, leveraging the country’s interconnected quantum ecosystem. These quantum hubs are all in close proximity within this small country, and convenient group shuttles will be available to transport visitors from one location to another. On June 15 and 16, The Next Web conference is taking place in Amsterdam, for which an official quantum side event is hosted as part of the Wednesday programme of Quantum Meets.

Nodes of One Network" Event 
The ‘Nodes of One Network’ event and ‘After Hours’, happening in Rotterdam on Thursday, promise to be highlights of the Quantum Meets '23 experience. Nodes of One Network serves as a focal point for the community, providing a unique opportunity for quantum professionals to connect and join deep-dive sessions on a wide range of topics. Following the day event–for which limited invites are available–visitors can look forward to ‘Nodes of One Network After Hours’. Open to all, After Hours provides a chance to unwind, network, and build meaningful connections with fellow quantum professionals in a festive setting.

Hotel House of Quantum
Make the most out of your Quantum Meets '23 experience by booking your stay at the Hotel House of Quantum, which is in the heart of the action and allows you to stick with the group throughout the week. Connect with other visitors and join in on all the fun and networking outside of the week's main programme. Start your Quantum Meets days on a positive note by joining us for the Hotel House of Quantum Morning Ceremonies for a boost of energy and inspiration. 

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