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21 March 2024Vania Lopez

Open Call from the Centre for Quantum and Society funds six projects across the Dutch ecosystem

The Quantum & Society action line and the Centre for Quantum & Society are pleased to announce the successful completion of our recent call for proposals, aimed at accelerating the positive impact of quantum technologies in society. This initiative, that awarded close to 250.000€ to six projects, sought to provide support and funding to the QDNL ecosystem, encouraging the development of innovative ideas and fostering active participation within our community.

After a thorough process of evaluation, the open call funded six projects across the Dutch ecosystem, that focus on boosting awareness and making tangible creations. Ranging from books for kids, to games, to workshop series, to residencies in art, the projects encompass a set of activities that empower individuals to make informed decisions about the integration of quantum technologies into society, so as the creation of interactive experiences that enable a wider audience to engage with quantum technologies and understand their real-world applications.

We are delighted to announce the selected proposals that have demonstrated exceptional promise in advancing our objectives:

·         Qbead by experts from QuTech, Leiden University, Quantum.Amsterdam and TNO

·         Quantum mini-mavericks by experts from Fontys University of Applied Sciences Einhoven

·         Studio Quantum x V2_ by experts from V2_, Goethe-Institut Netherlands, Goethe-Institut London and Goethe-Institut Dublin

·         TanQu for QA (Tangible Quantum Game for Quantum Awareness) by experts from Leiden University, Capgemini and Science Normalized

·         RQSC (Responsible Quantum-Safe Cryptography Transition) by experts from University of Amsterdam, Fontys University of Applied Sciences Einhoven and TNO

·         SeGQuRo (Strengthening and Entangling Global Quantum Roots)​ by experts from TU Delft, Institute for Technology Assessment and System Analysis – KIT, QWorld, PIQUE and World Quantum Day


Our project will bring together young community leaders and organizers of QT grassroots organizations from all over the globe to Amsterdam, provide training and a platform for discussion regarding the ethical, legal, and societal aspects of QT. We plan for these leaders and organizers to take these discussions back to their respective communities, organize satellite events after our main event in Amsterdam, and spread awareness on the ELSA topics of QT.

Zeki SeskirCoordinator, SeGQuRo project

"The funded projects represent a significant step forward in our efforts to harness quantum technologies for the good of society. We are excited to support these initiatives and look forward to remain committed to fostering collaboration and innovation within the quantum community, to address the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of quantum technologies and society”, said Diederick Croese, Director of the Centre for Quantum & Society.

The Centre for Quantum & Society expresses its gratitude to all participants who submitted proposals and extends congratulations to the selected projects. Through research, education, and community engagement, the centre strives to promote responsible innovation and ensure that quantum advancements benefit all members of society.

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