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23 February 2023Juliette de la Rie

The Centre for Quantum & Society releases its Exploratory Quantum Technology Assessment tool

Exploratory Quantum Technology assessment

As a timely action for organisations and society to optimally profit from quantum technology and prevent its possible adverse side effects, the Centre for Quantum & Society and a group of partners have created the Exploratory Quantum Technology Assessment (EQTA).

On World Quantum Day, April 14, the Centre for Quantum and Society will officially launch the EQTA, during its event ‘Quantum technologies: applications and responsible innovation’. Register for the event here.

The EQTA is a tool that presents a guidance approach for companies, governments, or any organisation to explore quantum technology’s ethical, legal, and societal implications. To guide organisations through this process, the tool starts with a quick scan consisting of the following steps:

  • An orientation on quantum technology and timelines;

  • An orientation on possible applications by means of examples;

  • A short description of what impact your organisation might experience and/or which applications are relevant;

  • A short stakeholder analysis to define who will be experiencing impact;

  • A dialogue session to explore and test what is needed to make optimal use of the possibilities of quantum technology and, if necessary, to prevent negative effects.

If the dialogue session shows that action is needed, organisations can then follow the entire EQTA tool to further explore specific areas.

View both the EQTA and the accompanying working document below. The documents can be downloaded by clicking the download icon in the top left corner. Please mind the EQTA is currently only available in Dutch. The English version will be published over the course of March.

Daniël Frijters answered three questions on why your organisation should use the EQTA, check out his answers in this LinkedIn article

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