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27 March 2024

Visitor's Programme Update: Niv Bharos

Quantum Delta NL invites talented individuals to participate in our community through multiple collaborative channels. The goal is to leave no talent behind by accommodating the goals and educational trajectory of (prospective) members.

You too can apply for funding for a sabbatical, exchange visit, workshop, summer school and more, and the programme is open to applications across the domains of science, education and Industry!

Interested in visiting the Dutch quantum community or one of your partners outside of the Netherlands? Visit the QDNL Visitor’s programme page for all info on conditions and how to apply or contact Anne-marieke Crommentuijn at the bottom of the page.

This time we highlight the outbound visit of Niv Bharos. Niv Bharos, PhD candidate at the Hanson Lab - Delft University of Technology, visited MIT. Niv shared:

I visited MIT to collaborate with colleagues working on spin qubits. During my time there, I worked on the quantum optical modeling of spin qubits in cavities and waveguides. I learned a lot from being in this incredible environment, discussing with peers doing similar research and starting new collaborations!

‘This trip aimed to collaborate with researchers working on spin qubits and learn from each other. In the large group of Professor Englund, there are many research topics including integrated photonics. spin qubits and AI. The discussions with all my colleagues were very interesting: every day it feels like you’re learning many new things.’ 

‘As a new PhD student, this was the thing I enjoyed most and hope to keep experiencing in the future. One of these discussions with Camille Papon, a postdoc, resulted in a new collaboration on atomic photon detectors: using spin qubits on a chip to detect single photons. This has remained a difficult problem thus far and would make photonics-based quantum computation more scalable. We will continue working on this in the future.’

‘There is a strong connection between MIT and Harvard: I went to a quantum applications conference for MIT / Harvard students and met many people from different research groups. A memorable highlight is when I gave a talk at Harvard in a group meeting with professor Lukin and was shown around their labs. They recently published impressive papers on entanglement experiments with SiV’s (a type of spin qubits), so it was interesting to hear some details that did not make it to the paper.’

‘Through the many discussions and presentations I gained in-depth knowledge about quantum optical modeling with QuTip, which is highly relevant for the rest of my PhD. In terms of personal growth, I became more of an independent researcher by being far away from my supervisor in Delft and setting up new collaborations on my own.’

I also realized that maintaining a good work-life balance is a significant advantage of QuTech over MIT. I am looking forward to applying my modeling skills to the experiments in the Hanson Lab!

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