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15 March 2023Juliette de la Rie

White Paper: Mapping the Supply Chains for Quantum Communication

Towards European technology sovereignty in an emerging industry

Quantum Delta NL just published the second white paper on quantum supply chains. Following the initial paper focused on quantum computing, we have now mapped the supply chain for quantum communications.

The paper includes a unique methodology to assess and visualise supply chains for critical components needed to develop quantum communications hardware. It highlights the number of suppliers for each of the components, as well as the potential for EU suppliers to oer the same product.

“Although it’s still very early days and we will see a lot of changes in the future throughout the supply chains, it’s interesting that already today we see chokepoints for specific components. For example, we are already dependent on non-European manufacturers and should start the conversation on reducing these strategic dependencies”

Ulrich Mans, Strategic Partnerships Lead at Quantum Delta NL

The paper was written by Ulrich Mans, Julian Rabbie, Jesse robbers and Teun van der Veen.


Download the paper on quantum communication supply chains and the first paper on quantum computing supply chains here:

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