Deployment of the first national quantum networks in the Netherlands

EuroQCI is a European project of the Digital Europe Program (DEP) funding national projects for EU secure Quantum Communication Infrastructure.

The national Dutch program is called QCINed and started in 2023 with a volume of almost 10 Mio Eur co-funded by the EU Commission. For 30 months the partners are committed to facilitating and deploying the Dutch Quantum network.

The main objectives are:

  • To deploy quantum systems and networks in the Netherlands for testing quantum communication technologies and for integrating them with existing communication networks.

  • To use these quantum systems and networks for developing and testing use cases in support of the Dutch national QCI initiative in the context of the EuroQCI initiative.

  • To contribute to European technological autonomy by using pilot devices, technologies, and systems developed and manufactured in the EU.

  • To train technical and research staff as well as national users from public authorities

The goal is to deploy three different advanced experimental QKD networks in 3 areas

  • Utrecht area

Development of a QKD network in the Utrecht area, aimed at an automated QKD as a service to be provisioned - using the operational classic domain and introducing a new quantum domain, which will be the fundament for a future rollout of a national Quantum Network.

  • Amsterdam – The Hague area

The realization of a Governmental QKD testbed. Connecting multiple dutch Ministries to exchange governmental data in the Amsterdam – the Hague region. 

  • Eindhoven area

Set up of a pre-staging testbed network in which technologies relevant to the deployment of EuroQCI will be tested and validated in the Eindhoven region. With the goal to deploy an QKD & Industry agnostic testbed.


Jesse Robbers
Director Industry and Digital Infrastructure
Alexander Scheltinga
Program Manager Quantum Internet Networks
Julia Feddersen
CAT 2.2: EU Programme Management
Karín Chavez Caballero
SURF Project Management
Simon Rommel
TU/e Assistant Professor
David Maier
SURF Technical Lead


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