Quantum Delta NL Award

In the dynamic realm of building our Dutch quantum ecosystem, we believe in acknowledging the unique pioneers who propel our ecosystem forward in many ways. We do so with the Quantum Delta NL Award. This award is an initiative by Prof. Dr. Ronald Hanson, co-founder of Quantum Delta NL and former Chair of our board, and was first awarded in 2023. 

With the award, Quantum Delta NL recognizes and honours the people who have made exceptional contributions to the growth and fortification of our ecosystem and embody the values outlined in our manifesto. By publicly acknowledging these contributors, we spotlight their invaluable work and hopefully inspire and motivate others in their contributions. 

The QDNL Award Is awarded every year, in June, during Nodes of One Network; our annual community event for the Dutch quantum ecosystem. 

"Genie in a bottle"

The winner is asked to express their wish for our community. Quantum Delta NL commits its support (non-financial) to collaborate on realizing this wish, with either effort from the Quantum Delta NL programme or utilizing our network. 

Send in your nomination(s)!

Nominations for the 2024 award are now open! We invite you all to nominate individual(s) that you think deserve this year’s award. Let's collectively honor those who make a difference.

You can nominate: several people who work on the same initiative who you think should jointly deserve the award, and you can nominate different people working on different initiatives, but you can only nominate the same people once. Importantly, we welcome nominations, irrespective of professional backgrounds.

Send in your nomination by sending an email to info@quantumdelta.nl with: 

  • Name(s) of your nominee(s) 

  • Their main affiliation 

  • Reason for nomination

Deadline for nominations: March 29, 2024. 

The Quantum Delta NL board will carefully review the nominations, paying special attention to those who receive widespread acknowledgment from the community. 

Quantum Delta NL Award 2023

The first QDNL award was presented during the 2023 edition of Nodes of One Network.

This first award went to two very special and more than deserving members of the Dutch quantum community: Julia Cramer of Leiden University and Stacey Jeffery of CWI.

They received the award for the incredibly important work they have done so far with Women in Quantum Development (WIQD). With WIQD, they and the team make our community more inclusive and welcoming to not just women but also gender minorities. 

WIQD's wish

When Julia took the award on stage, she expressed her ‘genie in a bottle’-wish for the sector to be more diverse and equitable, and that there would be more partners that work on this issue next to WIQD as there's so much to be done and there's so much room for other community-based initiatives to come into existence. 

WIQD and Quantum Delta NL are now working together to see if and how we can jointly offer training and how to further guide our community and its members in the right direction.

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