24 June 2024 - 26 June 2024
Helsinki, Finland

Inside Quantum Technology Nordics 2024

IQT Nordics Helsinki-Espoo is a significant opportunity for professionals in the quantum computing field to network, share ideas and collaborate on groundbreaking solutions. This annual June event rotates amongst three Nordic region countries (Denmark, Finland, and Sweden; the first iteration took place in Copenhagen in 2023 and Gothenburg, Sweden is the host in 2025).

IQT Nordics Helsinki-Espoo 2024 takes place in Espoo, next to Helsinki, at the main building of Aalto university “Dipoli” and just a stone through away from the center of Helsinki and the beautiful archipelago outside these cities.

The theme is “scaling quantum computers towards real-world applications.” The conference features sessions on innovations driving quantum computer platforms forward, development of large-scale QPU’s, technologies enabling scaling of quantum computing, commercializing quantum applications, investment needs, and global quantum ecosystems. Over 60 speakers and exhibiting organizations from the Nordic region and around the world are participating.

If you are interested in how quantum computers can be scaled towards real-world applications and want to stay updated on the latest developments in the field, attending IQT Nordics Helsinki-Espoo would be highly beneficial. In addition, you get a good understanding of what the Nordics bring to the global quantum ecosystem and get the chance to benchmark that towards global quantum ecosystems.

Freeke Heijman, our Director of Ecosystem, will be a speaker at the conference.

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