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14 April 2024 - 26 March 2024
13:00 - 17:00The Hague, NL, Madurodam
ByCentre for Quantum & Society

Launch of the National Quantum Course: Empowering Society for Quantum Technology

The Centre for Quantum and Society of Quantum Delta NL is proud to announce the launch of the Nationale Quantum Cursus on April 14, 2024, at Madurodam. This pioneering initiative, designed to educate and engage individuals from all backgrounds in the fascinating realm of Quantum Science and Technology, is a free online course that promises to demystify the complexities of quantum mechanics, shed light on the current state of quantum technology development, and explore its profound implications for the future.

Funded by Quantum Delta NL and developed by renowned educator Jim Stolze, whose previous endeavor, the National AI Course, captivated the minds of over 220,000 participants, the Nationale Quantum Cursus will also have an English version that will be launched next, to reach an international audience.

Julia Cramer, lead of the Quantum and Society research group at Leiden University and hostess of the course, guides participants through the intricacies of quantum mechanics, offering invaluable insights and perspectives along the way.

"We want to show people the first proofs-of-principle of quantum technology and teach more about how the technology promises to impact society significantly. By including the larger society in an early stage in discussing and developing future quantum technology applications, we can ensure a more informed and inclusive approach to its integration into our lives."

Julia CramerLead of the Quantum and Society research group at Leiden University

The Nationale Quantum Cursus is open to anyone with an interest in expanding their understanding of quantum science and technology. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate recognizing their dedication and achievement in mastering the fundamentals of quantum science and technology.

"At the Centre for Quantum and Society and Quantum Delta NL we are committed to fostering an informed, engaged, and proactive community, ready to steer the quantum wave towards the greater good. By offering this course for free, we ensure that no individual or organization is barred from understanding and contributing to the quantum dialogue, thereby fostering an inclusive ecosystem where informed decisions can lead to responsible and beneficial quantum innovations", said Diederick Croese, director of the Centre for Quantum and Society.

“We aim to make The Netherlands ‘Quantum Ready’ and make quantum ‘Society Ready’. The National Quantum course will help people participate in the dialogue by building up valuable knowledge on the topic”, added Cramer.

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