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07 March 2024 - 25 April 2024
Leiden, The Netherlands
ByStudium Generale Leiden

The World is Quantum

Quantum mechanics for everyone

Quantum encryption, quantum computing, quantum entanglement... anyone who watches the news knows we are in the second quantum revolution. In this lecture series, experts offer everyone the key to a better understanding quantum mechanics.

One hundred years ago, a double revolution in physics radically changed our understanding of nature: the discovery of the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. It brought us a more fundamental understanding of space, time, and the building blocks of matter, and it is hard to underestimate the impact on science and our society. Both theories have outgrown the laboratory and the often strange ideas and concepts have found a place in our language, culture, and technology.

In this lecture series, experts will highlight different facets of quantum mechanics. Besides the basic concepts and (philosophical) interpretation, they will also discuss recent research and applications in technology, and take us through the possible (societal) impact of developments around quantum computers, quantum encryption, and quantum communication.


  • 7 maart: Quantummechanica - een inleiding

  • 21 maart: De quantumcomputer

  • 28 maart: Quantumcommunicatie

  • 4 April: Today’s experimental quantum research at Leiden University - from the microscopic to the macroscopic

  • 11 april: Verstrengeling van quantum, filosofie en samenleving

  • 25 april: Quantum en de zwaartekracht

These lectures are in Dutch, except for April 4 (this will be in English). Entrance is free.

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