The IMPAQT Consortium

Accelerating quantum computer development by integrating off-the-shelf components

How to build a QC faster?

Manufacturing quantum computers (QC’s) is complex, costly and time-consuming. An important part of the problem is manufacturing and integrating high-tech components. For full-stack quantum computer builders, manufacturing and integrating all essential components is a challenging task. However, this can be done faster by using a supply chain of specialized companies.

The first IMPAQT Project:
Integrating off-the-shelf components

The first project by the IMPAQT consortium was set up by independent companies dedicated to speeding up the process of manufacturing and integrating subsystems. IMPAQT members specialize in developing state-of-the-art components for QC’s and one of us specialized in quantum system integration. We ensure that different components of the quantum computing stack integrate well by standardizing the interfaces between components. The IMPAQT project resulted in a full-stack qubit device characterization setup in under 4 months, with components delivered by QuantWare, Delft Circuits, Qblox, Orange Quantum Systems and Qu&Co.

Benchmarking modular & scalable components

Following the successful first project, the IMPAQT consortium set up the Nano-NISQ project. This project aims to connect modular and scalable components into a 5-qubit quantum computer. Once that’s done, it will run quantum algorithms and its components can be benchmarked.

“A supply chain of specialized companies will accelerate the development of quantum computers.”

— Garrelt Alberts | Orange QS


You are always welcome to think along with our integration and standardization efforts. Contactperson for this project is Amber Van Hauwermeiren. You can send an email to for more information or contact the project members directly through their respective websites, by following the links below.

The IMPAQT Consortium