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Open Strategic Autonomy

Quantum Delta NL is a leading EU member state when it comes to quantum technology. We endorse the EU’s ambition of building up her own strategic tech industry, and guarding against undesired dependencies. At the same time, the Netherlands sees ‘open markets’ as a departure point and is committed to promoting mutual trust between innovative clusters world-wide.

In doing so, it is important to strike a balance between, on the one hand, an open attitude towards collaboration inside and outside the EU in order to maintain a leading position and, on the other, retain enough control over the development of a European quantum ecosystem. In doing so, our focus rests on job & business growth, talent development, intellectual property, attracting (long-term) investments and promoting societal impact. In other words, we are committed to making ‘open strategic autonomy’ work in practice.


Cross-border call for proposals

This call for projects supports innovative cross-border projects with contributions from French, German and Dutch quantum companies & research organizations, with a leading role for emerging players, start-ups, and innovative SMEs. Submissions will be awarded in a two-step process. A full proposal will be evaluated by a trilateral commission. Consortia will then be invited to submit a national application with detailed budgets.

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Our Economic Security Approach

The geopolitical landscape impacts the way the quantum ecosystem will grow. We see a growing concern among policy-makers about the role of deep tech for the future of our economies. The emergence of a number of new industrial policy initiatives reflects this zeitgeist - not only in Europe. In this dynamic landscape, we feel that quantum technology has the responsibility to think ahead and tackle potential problems such as foreign interference or supply chain bottlenecks well in advance.

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Trilateral Programme with France and Germany

France, Germany and the Netherlands aim to set an example of how to create cross-border synergies in a critical technology. At the time of writing, many speak about the need for a more resilient economy for the EU27 – with fewer unwanted dependencies on non-EU countries. With this initiative, we aim to accelerate the growth of a European quantum industry – as a timely intervention to secure European technology leadership in this promising field.

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Ulrich Mans
Strategic Partnerships Lead
Mayra van Houts
Technology Policy Analyst
Julia Feddersen
Senior Advisor EU Programmes
Freeke Heijman
Director Ecosystem Development
Jesse Robbers
Director Industry and Digital Infrastructure
Anna Grashuis
International Programme Officer
Liran Naaman
International Programme Manager

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