Trilateral Programme with France and Germany

Trilateral Programme with France and Germany

Building on the trilateral statement on collaboration in quantum technology signed in November 2022, this joint programme of activities is the next logical step towards acceleration and greater synergies. It aims to address these four strategic challenges and builds on the coordination work already under way between the three signatories. Other EU27 national programmes are invited to join as part of more intensive pan-European cooperation, and to ultimately create a European quantum industry that can compete with emerging and existing companies in the rest of the world. As part of this initiative, the three partners will work on

1. A European Quantum Campus - a network of physical locations geared towards the needs of the growing start-up ecosystem.

  • House of Quantum: Building locations for R&D projects, training, events etc. 

  • Pilot Lines: state-of the art facilities that stimulate cross-border collaborations. 

  • Training and Learning Centres: Locations for joint learning on various levels, including vocational training, post-graduate education and life-long learning

2. Funding research-industry collaborations: for each of the three application areas, this joint programme follows a vision for the pathway towards European technology leadership: 

  • Quantum computing: Establish Europe as global leader for ‘hype-free’ quantum computing, by investing in the right mix of robust hardware and mature software solutions

  • Quantum networks: Establish Europe as the world’s leader in using quantum technology as the next generation communication technology

  • Quantum sensing: Establish Europe as the first and best place to apply quantum sensing for global earth observation

  • Scaling industry: Bring Europe’s investment landscape for deep tech / quantum on par with other regions of the world

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