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29 February 2024Juliette de la Rie

Hugo Gelevert: Orchestrating Ecosystem Growth at Quantum Delta NL

Starting this March, Hugo Gelevert, a familiar face at Quantum Delta NL, steps into a new role as the Lead of our programme’s action line on 'Ecosystem Development'. With his extensive experience leading our Mid-Term Review process and having contributed significantly to the early planning of the National Programme, Hugo brings a wealth of strategic insight to further advance the Dutch quantum ecosystem. Let's dive into our recent conversation with Hugo to learn more about his journey and vision.

Hugo’s Background and Journey in the Dutch Quantum Ecosystem

"I'm a consultant at TNO, where our mission is to enhance the Dutch economy's earning power and boost employment through applied research," Hugo begins. "In 2019, I was tasked with drafting a national agenda for the well-recognized quantum field in the Netherlands. With a background in physics and a personal interest in quantum, I embraced the opportunity."

With Hugo's involvement in crafting the national agenda he helped lay the groundwork for the National Growth Fund proposal and the establishment of Quantum Delta NL. Serving as the foundation's secretary during its formative years, Hugo played a vital role in shaping its governance structure and operational framework.

“From March 2024 onwards, I will have the honor to lead Quantum Delta NL’s ‘Action Line 2’ which is the next phase of ecosystem development; we’re building an ecosystem that connects to the surrounding countries of Europe but also to the US, Canada, Japan, and others.“

Action Line 2: Advancing Ecosystem Development

Transitioning to lead Action Line 2 marks a new phase in Hugo's journey. “With Action Line 2, our primary objective is to cultivate a thriving ecosystem and enhance the business value of quantum technology in the Netherlands, all while fostering the naturally collaborative approach our community is known for.

“Within this part of our programme, we deploy various instruments to support startups and entrepreneurs, as well as the expansion of established companies. We play a pivotal role in assisting companies to define clear goals for the development of new products and applications in quantum technology. Moreover, we actively seek out and forge partnerships with business developers, offering support to those exploring new ideas or seeking industry connections. Additionally, we're establishing an IP pool to streamline technology transfer processes.”

Key initiatives under Action Line 2 include the Infinity Programme, tailored to support startups and entrepreneurs in building their companies, and the Quantum Tech Transfer Team, a dedicated group of business developers from different Quantum Delta NL hubs facilitating technology transfer and collaboration with new and existing partners interested in quantum technology.

“Our involvement also extends to campus development and extending the House of Quantum concept, as we build a national campus comprising five hubs that collectively form Quantum Delta NL. While initially comprised of individual hubs, each with its own unique identity, our current focus is on fostering a more integrated ecosystem. We aim to retain the distinctive strengths of individual hubs while fostering greater interaction and synergies among this diverse group. Our ultimate goal is to nurture a unified ecosystem that propels the growth of world-class businesses.”

"There's a remarkable enthusiasm and dedication among our team that I have not often encountered in other programmes, which fuels our collective drive to build something truly extraordinary."

A Message of Gratitude and Inspiration

Reflecting on his experience, Hugo expresses gratitude for the collaborative spirit driving Quantum Delta NL forward. "The journey from inception to our current standing has been incredibly rewarding," he shares. "There's a remarkable enthusiasm and dedication among our team that I have not often encountered in other programmes, which fuels our collective drive to build something truly extraordinary."

Hugo's sentiment encapsulates the essence of Quantum Delta NL's mission—a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of quantum innovation for the benefit of all.

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