15 April 2024

National Quantum Course launched in Madurodam

'Quantum will be the next tech revolution' - Initiators aim to make the Netherlands quantum-ready

PRESS RELEASE - On World Quantum Day in Madurodam, The Hague, the National Quantum Course was launched. Developed by Jim Stolze, the course is an initiative to raise awareness among the general public, students, businesses, and policymakers about the emerging opportunities and challenges of quantum technology.

The course was officially launched during a festive afternoon of interactive quantum games, demonstrations, and art installations in Madurodam, organized by the Centre for Quantum and Society. Dynamic discussions with experts such as Julia Cramer from Leiden University, Constantijn van Oranje from Techleap, and Diederick Croese from the Centre for Quantum & Society were also part of the event.

"What is so fascinating about quantum is that the theory is there, but we cannot yet explain it well. This course helps us better understand what the impact will be on our society so that we don't have to talk about it in such abstract terms."

Constantijn van Oranjespecial envoy Techleap.nl

The course
The National Quantum Course is a free online program that unveils the complexities of quantum mechanics, highlights current developments in quantum technology, and explores its future implications. Funded by Quantum Delta NL and developed by a team of experts led by Jim Stolze, the course will soon be available in English as well. Stolze previously reached over 320,000 participants with the National AI Course.


Netherlands quantum-ready
Jim Stolze: "Quantum technology opens doors to new products and services, such as quantum computers and networks performing tasks previously thought impossible, with the potential to address societal challenges. However, it also raises significant questions about security. For example, members of the European Parliament and the Dutch intelligence service recently warned about the impact of quantum computers on traditional security measures, potentially compromising sensitive communications. With great potential comes great responsibility. Whether you are a politician, a citizen, or an organization, it is essential to be prepared so that our future with Quantum can be safe, fair, and optimistic."

Julia Cramer, leader of the Quantum and Society research group at Leiden University and host of the course: "We aim to make the Netherlands 'Quantum Ready' and to make the quantum 'Society Ready'. The National Quantum Course will help people participate in the dialogue by building valuable knowledge on the subject."

Diederick Croese, from the Centre for Quantum & Society: "We are opening up the quantum course so that people can dip their toes in early, long before the wave of technological breakthroughs leads to yet unknown applications. We aim to involve everyone in directing new technologies towards socially desirable directions." 

View the course here: https://www.tech-cursus.nl/quantum/

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