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Riding The Wave of Quantum Innovation

At QDNL, we believe our members will one day turn quantum sensing into practical innovations for everyone: from building better MRI machines to navigating without satellites to developing sensors that monitor climate change.

In fact, the first wave of applications is already in there and further innovations are poised to enter the market soon.

In fact, the first wave of applications is already in there and further innovations are poised to enter the market soon.

To ensure the development of new quantum sensing applications, QDNL is fostering an ecosystem of technology developers and end-users. By collaborating and sharing knowledge, we believe our members can create applications and at the same time improve the technology has been validated in labs. Our plan includes open calls for developing new quantum sensor components and bringing together diverse stakeholders to create these innovative new applications.

Once the technology is operational, QDNL will establish public-private partnerships to accelerate industrialization. These partnerships can bring quantum sensing applications to market quickly and efficiently. With continued investment and collaboration, the potential of quantum sensing can be fully realized and spark a transformative impact on numerous industries and areas of research.

Are you pursuing research and development or commercial applications in the field of quantum sensing? Join our team. Reach out to the QDNL expert at the bottom of the page to learn more about quantum sensing.


Philippe Bouyer
CAT 3: Quantum Sensing Application
Florian Schreck
CAT 3.1: Testbed for ultracold atom sensors
Simon Groeblacher
CAT 3.2 Testbed for mechanical sensors
Clara Osorio Tamayo
CAT 3.3 Testbed for spin based sensors
Hugo Gelevert
Senior Business Consultant (TNO)
Robert Spreeuw
Principal Investigator
Ananya Sitaram
Postdoc QDNL Quantum Sensing Testbed
Francesca Famà
PhD, iqClock & QDNL project
Alex Urec
PhD, SrMic, QSC & QDNL projects
Sheng Zho
PhD, iqClock & QDNL project
Ivo Knottnerus
PhD, SrMic & QDNL project
Camila Beli Silva
PhD, iqClock, MoSaiQC & QDNL project
Yu Chih Tseng
PhD, SrMic, QDNL project
PhD, RbSr
eternal matter waves

Amsterdam physicists build an atom laser that can stay on forever

The University of Amsterdam announced that Amsterdam physicists succeeded to build an atom laser that can stay on forever.

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