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15 April 2024Malon van der Toorn

Frequently Asked Questions about the EQTA (Exploratory Quantum Technology Assessment)

On April 14, 2023 the Centre for Quantum and Society launched its tool Exploratory Quantum Technology Assessment, to help organizations and companies capitalize on the opportunities of quantum technology, while foreseeing the challenges that users and society at large might face.

Below some FAQ about the Exploratory Quantum Technology Assessment.

What is the EQTA?

The EQTA is a practical step-by-step plan for organizations to explore the social, legal and ethical implications of quantum technology. The EQTA is supervised by experts on content and process.


What is the EQTA intended for?

The EQTA is an instrument intended to facilitate organizations in thinking about the ethical, legal, social, organizational and technical aspects impact of quantum technology and creating the preconditions for responsible application in a timely manner: taking advantage of the opportunities and managing eventual risks.


Who is the EQTA for?

The EQTA is intended for organizations that develop or apply quantum technology themselves, now or in the future. The EQTA is also for organizations that want to anticipate the impact they will experience of quantum technology now or in the future, as the adoption of quantum technology increases.


What can I expect from the EQTA?

The Exploratory Quantum Technology Assessment consists of exploring the legal, ethical technical and organizational preconditions for responsible application of quantum technology in your organization. Experts on the content and process of the EQTA guide your organization and its internal and external stakeholders.

The EQTA consists of a workshop and some preparatory discussions regarding the above aspects. From the preparatory discussions, the stakeholders that are relevant for participation in the workshop are identified. During the workshop, together with the identified stakeholders, the (possible) effects of the use of quantum technology are explored, the values that are affected and from there, practical action perspectives are designed to use this technology responsibly in accordance with the underlying values.


How long does it take?

The exploratory conversations last approximately 45 minutes. The workshop lasts half a day.


When and where is it?

In consultation with the contact person from your organization, we plan the exploratory conversations online. The workshop takes place on location.


Curious about the possibilities? Contact Daniël Frijters (Centre for Quantum & Society) via daniël.frijters@ecp.nl or send an email to cqs@quantumdelta.nl.


Would you like to know more about the EQTA? Or download the EQTA? Then look here.

Here you will find more information about the Centre for Quantum and Society.


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