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The Center for Quantum Materials and Technology Eindhoven (QT/e) is at the heart of the quantum technology hub in the high-tech Brainport ecosystem, where implementation of quantum-enabling technologies is a priority. Its mission is to perform fundamental and applied research to push the boundaries of quantum materials and technology development and to develop novel methods, applications, and devices to the benefit of society.

Major companies such as ThermoFisher are stakeholders in quantum technologies, but small start-ups like TeraNova, NanoPhab, EFFECT Photonics and SMART Photonics also contribute to this field. These partners provide critical infrastructure data, develop THz technology for contact-free characterization of the electrical properties of semiconductors, provide nanofabrication services, deliver highly integrated optical communications products, and much more.

QT/e performs cutting-edge research by harnessing expertise and infrastructure in applied physics, mathematics and computer science, and electrical engineering in 11 research groups at Eindhoven University of Technology. The focus is on quantum simulation and (hybrid) quantum computing, post-quantum cryptography, quantum protocols, quantum nanophotonics and quantum materials & devices. QT/e aims to train the quantum engineers and quantum information specialists of the future.



The QTLC-E is dedicated to advancing education in quantum tech in general and quantum information and quantum sensing due to local strength...

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