Leiden Hub

Leiden Hub

The Local Leiden Ecosystem

The hub in Leiden offers expertise that covers the entire spectrum from algorithm design, through real-world implementation, to application, tailored to the specific computational needs of the industrial partner. Furthermore, Leiden has a focus on the interaction between quantum technology and society.

The technology focus of the hub is on development of quantum and hybrid classical quantum algorithms, with machinery to enable deployment on near-term quantum devices to real-world problems. The other activities involve developing quantum algorithms in the domains of quantum chemistry and machine learning, providing education to Bachelor, MSc and PhD students, and establishing interfaces between industrial partners and academic research. Scientific highlights include development of a hybrid ‘divide and conquer’ method to solve optimization problems on quantum computers with a small number of qubits.

The societal focus of the hub is on the science communication of quantum technology, and the dialogue around quantum technology with society. The ambition of our Quantum and Society research group is that the social involvement of both the quantum community towards society and society towards quantum technology can be increased in a well-considered way in the coming years. Studies on the impact of communication by experts and media, attitudes of societal groups, evidence-based research into interventions such as popular science events and dialogues between scientists and society will contribute to improving and advising on the societal implementation of the promising quantum technology.

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